23 Feb, 2014 in HK Places
Tin Hau & Lin Fa Kung Temples  Tai Hang Hong Kong (5)

Down in the back alleys of Tai Hang area near Tin Hau MTR station are a few temples, dedicated to some of the most popular Gods in Hong Kong. Tin Hau needs no introduction, definitely – by far – the most well known Goddess in this region. This temple dates back very early to the […]

28 May, 2013 in HK Places
The Excelsior Hotel - Causeway Bay - Hong Kong (2)

Hong Kong’s been running a few terrific arts events recently. The Hong Kong Contemporary 2013 was held in the Excelsior Hotel at Causeway Bay which I have never been to before but have always wanted to because of their TToT 37th floor rooftop terrace overlooking the Victoria Harbour. Though I must say the way they […]

14 Sep, 2011 in HK Events
Tin Hau Fire Dragon Mid Autumn Festival 2011 (16).JPG

Consider me a real Hong Kong local. I have not missed a single year of the Tin Hau Fire Dragon dance and the Victoria Park (Causeway Bay) Mid Autumn Lantern Festival since I arrived in Hong Kong (2009 ; 2010). In my humble foreign perspective there’s little that captures the local Hong Kong culture more […]

24 Mar, 2011 in HK Events
HK Flower Exhibition - Victoria Park -2106.JPG

Three years in a row, they should hand out special persistence awards. During the first few weeks of March Hong Kong held its annual flower exhibition at Victoria Park. I was there in 2009, then again in 2010, and now revisited the exhibition again in 2011 and I still find it to be quite charming. […]

29 Oct, 2010 in HK Events
Mid Autumn Festival Causeway Bay 2010 (16).JPG

The Hong Kong Lantern Festival at Victoria Park-Causeway Bay wouldn’t be complete without the Tin Hau Fire Dragon Festival. I also went to the Tin Hau Fire Dragon Festival last year and it was terrific, probably one of the more exciting local cultural events in Hong Kong.     The …

26 Oct, 2010 in HK Events
Mid Autumn Festival Causeway Bay 2010 (11).JPG

Hong Kong ran the annual Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival 2010 at Causeway Bay’s Victoria Park and sure enough – I was there, again (see Mid Autumn Lantern Festival @Victoria Park HK from 2009). Debate about all you want about Chinese culture’s main symbols, but you can’t really not like lantern, can you? especially when they come […]

25 Mar, 2010 in HK Events
Flower Show 2010 044.JPG

It’s been a year since the Hong Kong Flower Festival 2009 at Victoria Park, and once again the HK government is running the flower show at Victoria Park in Causeway Bay. Here’s from the Leisure and Cultural Services Department : The Hong Kong Flower Show is a major event organised …

19 Mar, 2010 in HK Events
Hong Kong Chinese New Year 
Fair 2010 046.JPG

There were various festivals and fairs in Hong Kong during Chinese New Year. One of the annual fairs is the open market  taking place in Victoria Park in Causeway Bay. Nothing I’ve seen in Hong Kong so far came that close to a Taiwan/China style night-market in the liveliness and energy. High-school kids were …

14 Jun, 2009 in HK Events
June 4th memorial event 2009 (4).JPG

June 4th, 20:00, an estimated 150000 Hong Kong residents gathered at Causeway Bay’s Victoria Park to commemorate the Tiananmen Square 1989 tragic event. My sister and I were there as well. I was honestly surprised just how openly the issue is discussed and protested in Hong Kong. My university had various huge posters to …

19 Mar, 2009 in HK Places
Causeway Bay Hong Kong-1.JPG

Causeway Bay on Hong Kong Island during the weekend can change your perspective on the meaning of "busy". The longer you linger, the busier it gets. and then finally… …  you’re left with just one option – move with the crowd. …

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