3 Aug, 2016 in Mexico City
Museo Nacional de las Culturas - Mexico City-001

The historic center of Mexico City is filled with great attractions, like the Great Pyramid of Tenochtitlán and Museo del Templo Mayor. In the area are also a few local museums featuring some of the local arts and culture. One of those is the Museo Nacional de las Culturas, a national museum dedicated to world […]

27 Mar, 2016 in Topeka
Capitol building Topeka Kansas

I collect visits to capitol buildings across the US.  Florida, Illinois, Washington DC, Austin, Harrisburg, and Phoenix Arizona are some of the more recent ones. In one of my time-traveling trips back to the year I spent in Topeka middle-of-nowhere Kansas, I took the opportunity to also visit the local Kansas capitol building, one more […]

7 Mar, 2015 in Springfield
Illinois State Capitol-002

To get away from my middle of nowhere Champaign over in the often (somewhat justly) overlooked mid-west, I made my way over to the Illinois capital city of Springfield, marketed as the ‘city of Lincoln’ and the capital city of the ‘Lincoln state’. There are a few interesting attractions in the city surrounding the (peculiar) […]

12 Sep, 2013 in Tallahassee
Tallahassee observation deck (1)

Want to see Tallahassee from above? Not many tall building in Tallahassee, so your options are limited to, well, one. Make your way to the new Tallahassee Capitol Building and go up to the 22nd floor observation deck. You’ll be able to see a small gallery of the local Tallahassee history and catch panoramic views […]

10 Apr, 2013 in Tallahassee
John Riley House & Museum Tallahassee (11).JPG

It’s probably not one of Tallahassee’s prime attractions, but the small John Riley House & Museum does offer a quick peak onto Tallahassee’s African American community history. John Gilmore Riley, whose house now serves as a museum, was an important member of the Tallahassee community and a symbol of the changes the African American community […]

10 Jan, 2012 in Shenzhen
Lizhi Park - Shenzhen (33).jpg

The more I visit Shenzhen, the more I become aware that there are different sides to this city. The local government has done a fair job of building up parks and green next to the endless urban skyscrapers, highways and gigantic shopping malls.   Take Lizhi Park, for example? What's so special about a park […]

29 Apr, 2008 in Kaohsiung

This, I wasn’t expecting. Big Buddha up on the mountains I’ve seen before in Thailand and HK, and since the Taiwanese I asked didn’t seem to think much of it, I didn’t think it would be anything special. Fo-Guang-Shan with the tall Buddha, surrounded by thousands of tiny golden Buddhas and just next to …

2 Apr, 2008 in Taiwan

It never ceases to amaze me the things I find around Tainan, and those two places I visited this Sunday in the middle of no-where countryside Tainan County were just unbelievably remarkable. I’ll start with the first one. How Taiwan, a country the size of Israel with a sensitive political situation, has been able to […]

26 Feb, 2008 in Taiwan
Madou Dai Tien - Five Gods Temple-9.JPG

The other day, I went with John and his family around Tainan County, and although we were aiming for the Lantern festival, the number of people and cars directed us in a different direction. We eventually ended up heading up to one 5 Gods Temple (Wu Wang Temple) near the town of Madou.   …

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