20 Mar, 2015 in Blogging

How time flies. Ten years ago today, March 20th 2005, I left my home country for an unknown adventure to roam around the world. At the time, people who knew me found it hard to imagine me as a long-term traveler, and I would joke that I’ll probably be back in a …

6 Feb, 2012 in Blogging
Sh*t People Say to Bloggers

In the spirit of the lovely trend of "Shit girls say…" or "Shit people say…" and seeing that my "Sh*t Hong Kong People Say to White Guys" and "Sh*t People Say to PhD Students" were able to get a few positive responses, I sat down to quickly write down some of the sh*t people usually […]

26 Dec, 2011 in Yearly summaries

So what did 2011 look like? to me, this was a year of general stability compared with previous years. As I enter my third year of PhD and in Hong Kong, things have become strangely familiar and oddly routine, which is something I was sort-of looking forward to after years of moving around and trying […]

10 May, 2010 in Blogging
2 weeks tech hosting nightmare

It’s been a 2 weeks nightmare. In the 6 years that I’ve been blogging and running websites, I’ve never experienced anything quite like what I went through with my hosting company in the last 2 weeks. The catastrophe included all possible things that could go wrong meshed into one long incident, which has resulted in […]

4 Sep, 2007 in Taiwan

Are you a foreigner living in southern Taiwan? then I’m guessing you have a difficult time finding information in English about what’s going on. Foreigners in Taipei have a relatively easy life with established communities and Taiwan portals such as Forumosa and Tealit, but as far as I can tell after a month of living […]

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