30 Jun, 2010 in Rankings
Best Asian Universities - Rankings 2010

Looking for the best universities in Asia? There are so many rankings and lists out there, so it gets confusing. Let me try and help you…   Following is the top world university rankings for the Asian academic universities analyzed for year 2010. These rankings vary in methodology and the things they evaluate. …

2 Jan, 2010 in HK Events
asia game show 2009 155.JPG

Why do people go to game shows? looks like it has little to do with gaming. I mean, that’s there too, but from the few shows I’ve been to it seems it’s mostly meant to show off half naked girls to enthusiastic male teens. Know what? you’re right, they don’t even have to be half […]

31 Oct, 2009 in Hong Kong
Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme 2010/11

Hong Kong’s getting serious about globalization and attracting global academic talent this year with a new scheme for PhD fellowship that is quite generous. The Hong Kong Research Grants Council (RGC) announced last year that the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme will be offered to student applying for the 2010/11 academic year. Since I’m a […]

12 May, 2009 in Rankings
Top Asian Academic Universities in World University Rankings 2009

Trying to figure out the top ranking universities in Asia? Let me help you out. Following is the best of the top world university rankings for the Asian academic universities analyzed for year 2009. Many of the leading rankings for 2009 still didn’t come out, but since I’ve been asked about this, …

13 Sep, 2007 in Asia, China, Chinese culture

Damn, Russel Peters is hilarious. After finding out about Russel Peters, I couldn’t stop watching his show and rolling on the floor listening to his insights about Asians, Chinese folks and Chinese language. You gotta check Russel Peters out: What’d you think? good stuff, eh?

10 Jul, 2007 in Asia
Conan O

Conan’s been my favorite night show for years, back in the time when I was actually watching the occasional night show. One of his biggest projects is bashing nationalities due to a peculiar incident with the Ukrainians : Awhile ago, Conan did a bit where he showed fake Euro coins.  One of those coins made […]

14 Apr, 2007 in Rankings

What are the best research institutes in Asia and how do those compare to other universities around the world? Is Asian academic research different than that of the "west"? Where is Asian research going? Being interested in Asian academics this past year, I’ve noticed major differences in the way research is perceived in Asia as […]

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