29 Sep, 2013 in Beijing
798 art district - Beijing (50)

Best attraction in Beijing? Sure, the Forbidden City and the Great Wall are world famous tourist attractions, the Summer Palace and Tiananmen square are great, but of all the things I did in Beijing – and I did quite a lot – the number one most impressive thing was the 798 art district. Walking around […]

18 Oct, 2012 in Gainesville
Arts Festival - Gainesville (17).JPG

Gainesville, 2.5 hours away from Tallahassee, is perhaps most famous for its local university – the University of Florida (as one Florida State University professor put it – "the second best university in Florida"). I came in to Gainesville to attend a small regional conference (SSSP ; Conference), hoping to see a bit of what […]

7 Aug, 2012 in Shenzhen
Dafen Artist Village Shenzhen (14).jpg

Want classy paintings hanging in your house or office but can’t afford it? Shenzhen has a solution for you – Dafen "Artist Village", where you’ll find endless painting shops with artists copying the best of the best of the art world. Fancy a Van Gogh? Maybe a Picasso? Hand them the photo, come back in […]

12 Feb, 2012 in Siquijor
Arts Park - Siquijor (21).JPG

For some people it’s the food, for some it’s the natural scenery, for some it’s the tourist attractions, or maybe the general feel of the place. For me, it’s probably those little odd encounters with local culture and people that I remember the most about my travels.   While riding my motorbike around …

30 Nov, 2011 in Tel Aviv - Yaffo
Neve Tzedek - Tel Aviv (1).JPG

Suppose that you have just one day to show Tel Aviv to a visiting foreigner friend, what would you show? To me, there’s little doubt that the loveliest place to start from in Tel Aviv after the gorgeous nearby old city of Jaffa, is the neighborhood of Neve Tsedek. In Neve Tsedek, I allow myself […]

14 Aug, 2010 in East coast
Fulong Beach - Sand Festival - Taiwan-44.JPG

Fulong, aside from having a wonderful beach, also hosts an annual Fulong Sand Sculpture Festival (福隆沙雕藝術季). Artists come from all over Taiwan to carve their art into the sand, spending hours in the sun to get things right to their smallest details. The result, as you can see below, is spectacular. I don’t think I’ve […]

2 Jul, 2010 in HK Events
Hong Kong International Art Fair 2010

Running for over three years now, the annual Hong Kong International Art Fair is really worth visiting. I can’t say that I understand much about art, but I previously attended the Hong Kong International Art Fair 2009 and found it to be fun and thought provoking. This year was as nice with a huge …

10 Apr, 2009 in Pingtung
Fang Liao Art Village-35.JPG

Like art? then there’s a spot in Pingtung County called Fangliao you might enjoy. Taiwan’s Culture Portal introduces Fangliao with "Art at the Crossroads: F3’s Undetermined Future in Fangliao": Located just a few minutes’ walk from Pingtung’s Fangliao train station, the F3 …

27 Aug, 2008 in Jerusalem
Yarid Hotzot Hayotzer - Outdoors arts fair.JPG

The annual Yarid Chutzot Ha-Yotzer was taking place last week in Jerusalem in the beautiful valley between the Jaffa gate of the old city and Yemin Moshe (official link).    Lots of stuff to see and do. Local artists         International artists      (Biggest representation was for China)    Music shows The evening I was […]

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