1 Nov, 2018 in Lijiang

Shuhe was a delightful unexpected surprise, a recommendation I received when I was visiting Lijiang, to get away from the tourist crowds. A 30min taxi toward the northwest, and you’re there. It’s an ancient water town offering tranquility, peace, and quiet. A bit like Lijiang, it also offers long winding alleys with small water canals, […]

24 Jan, 2016 in Rome
Ancient Palatine Palatino Hill Rome (8)

Rome offers many remarkable and relatively well-preserved historical sites, but modern times and the development of Rome throughout the centuries has made it rather difficult to really get a feel of ancient times without any modern buildings around. But Palatine Hill and the nearby Roman Forum areas will take you back in time to show you a bit of […]

25 Nov, 2015 in Mexico City
Ancient canals of Xochimilco  Mexico City (3)

If you’re looking for a funky local experience in Mexico City, then head down south to the ancient canals of Xochimilco to see what the Mexicans made of the ancient Aztec UNESCO heritage water systems. No, it’s not a museum, and you probably won’t get to see much of the history, I’d say the preservation […]

17 Feb, 2012 in Southern Israel
Avdat - Negev (14).JPG

Avdat, an ancient city at the heart of the Israeli Negev dating back to 7th century BC was built by the Nabataeans – the world famous traders based in Petra (one of newly announced wonders of the world) who built magnificent thriving cities in the middle of the bare desert. Since the Nabataeans it’s also […]

5 Dec, 2010 in Shanghai
Xi Tang (86).JPG

Xi Tang, an ancient water town about 30 minutes from Shanghai, is a well-deserved day trip out from Shanghai or Hangzhou. Pushed into sudden fame by Hollywood, this little down became a bustling somewhat over commercialized tourist attraction, but it offers a lot of charm and a taste of what old China has (/had) to […]

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