20 Mar, 2017 in Madrid

Madrid has a cable car near the city center that takes you out to the main Madrid park and nearby amusement parks. I generally like cable cars and the opportunity to see a city from above, even if it’s usually over-priced and there’s typically a long wait. The Madrid cable car may seem promising on […]

20 Apr, 2016 in Saint Petersburg
Krestovsky Island Saint Petersburg Russia (11)

On my second day in Saint Petersburg, I decided to head to the northern part of the city and explore the local island parks – Krestovsky Island  and Norway Park. Krestovsky Island was very quiet when I visited, and the amusement park wasn’t open, so I just had a stroll around and watched the locals row on the […]

14 Aug, 2014 in Singapore
Haw Par Mansion - Singapore (2)

The strangest attraction I’ve been to in Singapore is probably Haw Par Mansion, a trip into kitsch and bad taste once intended as an amusement park introducing the wonders to Chinese mythology and Confucianism. It’s way past its glory days, and I visited it was completely deserted. The few Singaporeans I talked to and mentioned […]

16 May, 2014 in Sanya
Betelnut Park  Sanya Hainan (2)

Sanya is trying to position itself to be the Hawaii of China. Though nothing like Hawaii, it definitely has some of the nicest beaches in China, but with the masses coming in and the beaches overcrowded with people, Sanya needs more to spread out the tourists and make the most of the incoming cash. Which […]

23 Aug, 2013 in Orlando
Universal Studios - Orlando Florida (2)

If you spend 6 months in Florida there are obvious musts that you just can’t decide not to do. Universal Studios in Orlando are probably one of those attractions. Although Disney was there first and is bigger, I dare say that Universal have put up a world class competition that beats Disney World in many […]

13 Jul, 2011 in Shenzhen

I’ll try and make this simple for you. If you’re looking for an amusement park from a bad 70s b-movie then Shenzhen has just the thing for you. Happy Valley, which some claim can compete with Hong Kong’s Ocean Park and Guangzhou’s Chimelong, doesn’t come close no matter what babble I wrote about it before. […]

2 Apr, 2011 in Guangzhou, HK Attractions
Chimelong rollercoaster

Most people are not aware of this, but the area between Hong Kong, Macau, Zhuhai going up north to Guangzhou has a really dense concentration of amusement parks. It could have to do with the fact that it’s also one of the world’s most populated areas. About a year ago, I was asked …

9 Jul, 2009 in Guangzhou
Guangzhou Chimelong Paradise Amusement Park-10.JPG

The Guangzhou Chimelong Paradise Amusement Park is, as of 2009, China’s biggest wildest amusement park, and that’s saying alot. A local friend invited me for a day of fun and play and it was absolutely terrific!   (post includes a few videos, those from Blip.TV are mine, those from Youtube are from other …

16 Dec, 2008 in Seoul
Everland theme park Korea-13.JPG

Everland is Korea’s biggest amusement park, a combination of a local Disney World, a Zoo and a water park that runs all year, hot or cold, called Caribbean Bay. One hour away from Seoul, the theme park is located in Yongin in Gyeonggi-do province and is ranked among the world’s best parks. …

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