10 Mar, 2014 in San Francisco
Stanford Campus  California (24)

On my recent visit to a conference in the states I flew through San Francisco and so decided to stop in for a few days and visit the local universities. The San Francisco area has some of the world’s best universities, with the University of California branches (UC Berkeley, UC Davis, etc.), the California state […]

5 Jul, 2009 in Guangzhou
Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center-12.JPG

A friend I know from my Taiwan days who is now at Hawaii University was invited to teach Finance at Guangzhou. It was very interesting to hear some of the cross cultural observations of the local Chinese students ("but, teacher, our great leaders say…" etc.) and the academic environment, so I was quite excited when […]

12 May, 2009 in Rankings
Top Asian Academic Universities in World University Rankings 2009

Trying to figure out the top ranking universities in Asia? Let me help you out. Following is the best of the top world university rankings for the Asian academic universities analyzed for year 2009. Many of the leading rankings for 2009 still didn’t come out, but since I’ve been asked about this, …

8 Mar, 2009 in HKUST, Rankings
Academic Rankings, Ratings, Impact Factors and Top Tier Journals

Having been here in Hong Kong University of Science and Technology for about a month I can now say that the university is very serious about what it’s doing. Honestly, I’ve never seen anything quite like it. The whole academic language revolves around publishing with the common usage of "top-tier journals" "high impact factors". …

14 Apr, 2007 in Rankings

What are the best research institutes in Asia and how do those compare to other universities around the world? Is Asian academic research different than that of the "west"? Where is Asian research going? Being interested in Asian academics this past year, I’ve noticed major differences in the way research is perceived in Asia as […]

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