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Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall, Warner Village and Taipei 101

As my mother arrived in Taiwan, we kicked it off with a few days in Taipei (check out the super detailed Taipei visit itinerary on Taiwanderful, professional, eh?). We spent the first day visiting National Palace Museum and catching a cultural show at Taipei Eye. After opening the second day with Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei Story House and the Bao-An & Confucius temples, we headed down east to the busy commercial district of Taipei.

We took the MRT down to Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall…

Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall Taipei-1.JPG

Made sure that the old man was still sitting down in his chair, watched over by over dressed puppet guards…

Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall Taipei-8.JPG

Admired the space…

Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall Taipei-7.JPG

And set way for the final goal and ultimate tourist attraction… Taipei 101.

Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall Taipei-2.JPG


On the way, we walked through Warner Village that was crowded with Christmas spirit and street shows.

Warner Bros Village Taipei.JPG

Warner Bros Village Taipei-10.JPG

Warner Bros Village Taipei-2.JPG

Warner Bros Village Taipei-6.JPG


I’ve written about Taipei 101 quite a few times before, and even exchanged some thoughts about the 101 with a local Taiwanese. This time, something was a bit different as the exit wasn’t at the same floor but on the level before where a new expensive shop was set up for the exiting tourists. Strangely, going up the open roof was free this time.

Taipei 101-12.JPG

Taipei 101-11.JPG


On the way down we received yet another dosage of Christmas spirit from a local choir.


Floor B1 of the Taipei 101 shopping mall hosts one of the largest food courts I’ve seen anywhere in the world, and my mother got to have her first ever veggie cook-it-yourself hotpot slowly mastering the art of using chopsticks. Oh, the excitement! the fun! there’s nothing like these small discoveries in life…

Taipei 101-21.JPG

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  • I've always wanted to visit Taiwan. Seems like a really happening place. I still have to get my visa though.

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