Although a while back, Stitch’s visit to Lamma Island shall not be forgotten. It’s been quite a few weeks since two lovely gals and myself accompanied Stitch for his visit to Hong Kong’s Lamma Island.

Stitch resting after a long hike - Lamma Island

Stitch being forced into shrimps - Lamma Island

Stitch and the sewer... tempting... - Lamma Island 

Stitch drinking beer - Lamma Island

Stitch looking a bit drunk - Lamma Island

Stitch contemplating existence - Lamma Island


It’s my second visit to Lamma, and it is a gorgeous place to visit. There are places in Hong Kong with better scenery, but I especially like how laid back every thing is and how far away the whole island seems from the hustle bustle of central Hong Kong.

lamma 101.JPG

lamma 102.JPG

lamma 010.JPG



lamma 011.JPG


lamma 115.JPG

lamma 023.JPG



The weather, moving between cloudy to sunny, was very pleasant, and allowed us some interesting shots…

lamma 082.JPG

lamma 090.JPG

lamma 080.JPG

lamma 078.JPG

lamma 075.JPG

lamma 071.JPG


The beaches are terrific. They’d be a perfect getaway, if it wasn’t for the nearby power plant.

 lamma 061.JPG

lamma 046.JPG

lamma 049.JPG

lamma 050.JPG

lamma 059.JPG

lamma 063.JPG

lamma 064.JPG

lamma 112.JPG

lamma 119.JPG


The local atmosphere is slow and relaxed. No cars and very quiet, It seems that the whole place is going on slow-motion, with some interesting shops and organic gardens along the way.

lamma 105.JPG

lamma 035.JPG 

lamma 052.JPG

 lamma 053.JPG

lamma 039.JPG

lamma 086.JPG

lamma 054.JPG

lamma 056.JPG

lamma 057.JPG

lamma 109.JPG


Food’s great too, with a very international selection of cuisine.

lamma 024.JPG

lamma 025.JPG

lamma 026.JPG

lamma 031.JPG


Being an island with an abundance of local fishermen, means the local specialty is seafood, which comes in large quantities with relative quality and not too expensive if you shop around a bit.

lamma 135.JPG

lamma 136.JPG

lamma 139.JPG

lamma 134.JPG

lamma 138.JPG

lamma 140.JPG



Finally, if you’re still not convinced – here are some panoramic views of Lamma.

lamma 103.JPG lamma 048.JPG

Go visit!

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