The number one highlight of Yangon in Burma is the Shwedagon Pagoda. Digs in the area suggest that this worship site dates back as far as 6-10th century BC. This (possibly) 3000 years old Pagoda is the most sacred place in Burma, and includes various relics linked with important Buddhist figures. It’s also a place for families to get together, eat drink and celebrate different stages in life, and so the place is very lively, almost all the time. I spent a few hours doing the temple round, and then just chilling in the shade to escape the ~37c watching the locals do their thing. Occasionally, a local would come sit next to me and try to engage in a friendly conversation, but it wasn’t just for me as a foreigner (though I’m sure that helped in giving me more attention), I felt there was a general atmosphere of respect, warmth and acceptance there, with food offerings and group chanting. It’s a very large complex, and the temple architecture – to me – is stunning. Have seen similar things in south-east Asia, but this one is definitely up there with some of the largest temples I’ve visited.







Definitely a must do if you’re visiting Yangon.

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