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Sh*t Hong Kong People Say to White Guys

Sh*t Hong Kong People Say to White GuysIn the spirit of the lovely trend of "Shit girls say…" or "Shit people say…" I sat down for a few minutes to quickly write down some of the shit HK people have said to me over the duration of my stay here on more than one occasion. It's a very long list, but I guess these are some of the reoccurring highlights. Got more? Add a comment below!


Here we go:

  1. Sorry, no English.
  2. Wow! you can speak Mandarin!?
  3. Why you can't speak Cantonese?
  4. How many girlfriends you have?
  5. How many girls you go bed with?
  6. How many times in week you go Lan Kwai Fong?
  7. You look tired. Too much party?
  8. You like go Wan Chai Lockhart Road?
  9. You got GF, right? No? but I see you and that girl have lunch before.
  10. How long in HK?
  11. When you go back your home country?
  12. I know foreigners very rich.
  13. So you probably live on HK island.
  14. Why do white people never leave HK island?
  15. Body hair very disgusting.
  16. Body hair so sexy.
  17. I only date tall guys.
  18. You are too tall.
  19. How tall are you?!
  20. You know? HK guys too short.
  21. What you think HK culture?
  22. You really like HK food?
  23. What your favorite food in HK?
  24. What you think HK people?
  25. Why you like here so much?
  26. Do you also hate mainland people?
  27. Why you go China? nothing there.
  28. I really don't like go China.
  29. I don't care politics.
  30. Wow, you know about that?
  31. Wow, how do you know about that?
  32. In HK big problem. Better in US.
  33. Friend told me white guys have bigger …
  34. Do white guys really have bigger… ?
  35. I would never date white guy.
  36. My parents would never let me date white guy.
  37. I have friend marry white guy now lives in… you know her?
  38. I only like white guys. Asian guys are too …
  39. I live with my parents.
  40. My parents told me not to…
  41. You know HK better than I do.
  42. You see HK more than I do.
  43. You almost like local now.
  44. You never be local.
  45. You really want see that? so boring.
  46. Don't go, too many people.
  47. Don't go, too crowded.
  48. Don't buy, too expensive.
  49. Can't go, have too much work to do.
  50. Too busy.
  51. I hate my boss.
  52. I hate my job.
  53. I hate my studies.
  54. I hate my life.
  55. Finally weekend, can sleep!
  56. Can I ask you something about white people?
  57. Why do white people never… ?
  58. Why do white people always… ?
  59. All white people look same to me.
  60. How often you shave?
  61. Why you don't shave today?
  62. WOW, you use chopsticks so well.
  63. You use chopsticks better than I do.
  64. Why is your hair so curly?
  65. So strange, you know your eyes are blue?
  66. So strange, you know your eyes are green?
  67. Why you come HK?
  68. But why HK?


Happy HK New Year! 😛


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