There’s an added bonus to living in Hong Kong that most people not from region are not aware of. An hour away from almost any point in Hong Kong are endless options for terrific SPAs and massage places that are both generally high quality, quite affordable and very relaxing. Cross the border to Shenzhen, and choose your option.


Hong Kong borders with Shenzhen, one of China’s most developed cities. The border between Shenzhen and China is reachable by metro (KCR/MTR) all the way to two border crossings – Lo Wu and Lok Ma Chau. In both you have dozens of massage places options especially constructed to cater the busy Hong Kong folks during the weekends. You get all types, shapes and sizes, starting from your extremely budget 20yuan an hour foot massage to the most luxurious options that can go as far as a few thousand yuan. Just take your pick. You can either do the regular come-in-get-out massage option, or you can linger longer in one of the SPA places in which most you get around the clock free shower, pools, massage chairs with TV, fruit, drinks, and hall-movies. In many of those SPA places you are invited to stay the night over on one of the massage sofas or your own room for no extra charge, making this a good budget option instead of getting a hotel.


Shenzhen : Massage & SPA


Being on a lower budget myself, I have done my fair share of low-budget and mid-range options in Shenzhen. Atleast once a month, I try to take time off by crossing over and relaxing in one of the SPA places. A few times I got stuck in Shenzhen after the border was closed or went to one of the nicer places so in some of those I even stayed the overnight. It’s all very convenient.


So, from my limited experience of Shenzhen here is my summary of the mid-range SPA options across the border :



Lok Ma Chau border crossing

Water Cube – SLF International SPA Club

Shenzhen : Massage & SPA

Shenzhen : Massage & SPA

I think this one I’ve been to the most times. It’s one of the newer options, quite spacious and very decent.


Oriental Palm Spring

Shenzhen : Massage & SPA

This is one of my HK friend’s favorite place and I can see why. It’s very Thai style decoration usually not too crowded. Service is pretty good and the facilities are nice.


Lo Wu

Maya City SPA Club Hotel

Shenzhen : Massage & SPA

(Took this at the lobby, couldn’t find photos of interior online)

Been there a few times on different treatments. Enjoyable.


Queen Spa

Shenzhen : Massage & SPA

Shenzhen : Massage & SPA

One of the oldest running establishments in Shenzhen, considered by most tourists as one of the best options, though I find it over crowded and of generally lower value.


Lower budget options – Golden Coast SPA club ; SPA club ; Shuidu International Health Group

Lowest budget options – for really cheap massages, the cheapest possible, two options :

  • Head over to Lok Ma Chau and cross the street. Bargain packages are something like 4 hours massage for 100yuan.
  • Lo Wu 1st floor on the eastern side are endless massage places competing for your attention. If you can speak a few words in Chinese you can get promotion coupons for things like 60-70 yuan for 3 hours.

Do keep in mind that the hygeine and service of those places is in direct relationship with the price.


Most of those are around 200yuan for 24 hours SPA entry and a 90 minutes for Chinese/Thai or “HK massage” (oil, add ~20yuan). Tips not included, and totally depend on you, usually 20-30 yuan for full body and 10-15 for lobby services. Because of the HK crowds, many of those places do a 1:1 HK$:yuan exchange rate, so bring HK$ with you and ask what the exchange rate. It’s makes things almost 20% cheaper. Another suggestion is to search the HK coupon sites who offer amazing deals on those SPA places or cheap alternatives within Hong Kong. Last deal I used was about a HK$100 for an overnight SPA stay with 3 hours massage in the above mentioned SPA club near Lo Wu. Water club usually runs coupons for SPA+2 hours massage for HK$118. Not too bad.


So, even if you’re tight on budget, this is a great weekend getaway.

Anything else you want to know? Ask… know other places? I’m interested.

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