My second trip to Korea was very different than my first one. My first visit to Korea was with an all-Chinese no-English organized Taiwanese group, which – while been the most amazing travel bargain I’ve ever experienced – was completely out of my control. I felt like I was treated like a spoiled kid, or a king, but I couldn’t help but also feel that I’m missing out on the real Korea by jumping between tourist attractions on a tour bus. So, end of last year on my way to Israel with Korea Airlines, I made a stop in Seoul for a week of exploration. When making trip plans, it was pretty easy to find a cheap hotel in Seoul.


To summarize the experience I would generally say that I was extremely impressed with Seoul. Wherever I went I saw beautiful happy people enjoying their lives in a highly cultural and tourist friendly city.


This post is intended to summarize my adventures in Seoul and the nearby area. The three photos in this post were sent to a friendly competition with the Israeli Korean Center. No, I didn’t win, so you get to enjoy them.


Seoul Trip Summary : Korea


Impressions :


Tourist attractions :


Seoul Trip Summary : Korea


Cultural shows :


Cultural/local attractions :


Seoul Trip Summary : Korea


Out of Seoul day-trip attractions :


Okay to miss attractions :


I do hope to spend more time in Korea and venture out of Seoul in my next trips.

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