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Revisiting Eternal Golden Castle in Anping Tainan

My mother was visiting Taiwan for 3 weeks and that was a good opportunity for me to revisit some of my favorite spots and rediscover new ones.

Joining up with my Taiwanese friend we set out to explore Anping. Among the stops – Anping’s Eternal Golden Castle. Actually, I’ve been to Eternal Golden Castle twice before, but it’s still a lovely spot to visit (and free for Tainanese ARC holders). The one thing I got to see this time which I didn’t get to see before was the canon firing ceremony (Ta-dam!) which was pretty cool and made the whole visit alot more, hmmm, lively.

(Jump to 7:56 for the actual firing)


The castle itself is beautiful and tranquil. Here are some selected shots :

My mother and friend at the entrance.

Tainan Anping Eternal Golden Castle-1.JPG


Cannons lined up for tourist inspection

Tainan Anping Eternal Golden Castle-10.JPG

Tainan Anping Eternal Golden Castle-18.JPG


There’s a water canal surrounding the castle

Tainan Anping Eternal Golden Castle-9.JPG

Tainan Anping Eternal Golden Castle-15.JPG


As well as some old trees that are taking over the relics

Tainan Anping Eternal Golden Castle-14.JPG


We wrapped things up in the nearby coffee shop. Notice how quickly I’ve trained my mom to play stupid camera poses (when in Rome…).

Tainan Anping Eternal Golden Castle-27.JPG

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