The Reichstag Building is where the German parliament seats. It’s quite magnificent with very interesting history, and so it’s no surprise that this is one of the highlights of the visit to Berlin and considered one of the top tourist attractions. This is also why, if you want to visit, you need to book your timeslot well in advance (2 days min) and make sure you arrive with tickets. Once there and over the very strict security checks, you’ll be handed an audio guide that will activate as you walk up and down the dome. It will take you through the complicated history as well as introduce the Berlin skyline you’ll observe from the dome. In short, it dates back to 1894, the days of the German empire, and served till the 1930s. Somehow – due to a fire in 1933 – it has not been in service for the Nazis and was generally neglected till the 1990s when Berlin was reunified and a decision was made to renovate so that the building can serve the joint parliament Bundestag.


I went in during a cold winter’s night …







Which offered somewhat limited views of Berlin…






But the lights made the mirror dome look quite stunning…






Definitely go and visit, book your tickets well in advance, expect 2-3 hours, and consider whether you’d like a day or night tour.

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