Do you know where chocolate comes from? how it’s made? I didn’t. Costa Rica is a good place to figure that out, it still, somehow, has an active Chocolate growing market, even if competition from cheaper labour countries is driving local farmers toward tourism to replace the mass plantations. So what you basically have are smaller local plantations making most of their money from giving tours explaining to dumb tourists where their chocolate comes from. Even if you think you know something about chocolate I’d bet you’ll learn plenty of new things in these tours. I did mine with the Rainforest Chocolate Tour in La Fortuna. First, about the wonderful juicy chocolate plants, that face the dangers of eaten by all sorts of creatures or simply going bad if not picked up in time. Then, it’s a rather long process from the fruit to the roasted chocolate beans, and then another transformation to the eatable or drinkable chocolate that we all love. It’s a really fun tour, and the guide’s charming. You’ll get to experience it all first hand, and taste/drink lots of chocolate.


Here are some of the photo captures of the tour…







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