Positive Aspects of Cross Cultural Relationships #7 What’s the good side of cross-cultural relationships? What are the positive aspects of being in a cross-cultural relationship?

At the end of 2008 I conducted an open-survey about cross-cultural relationships, inviting my open and willing blog readers to share their experiences of CCRs. This series of posts highlights some of what the participants shared about their cross cultural relationship experiences.

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This post is about the things that make cross cultural relationships great. The open question was – “What would you say are the key positives to a cross-cultural relationship?


New / unexpected / enriching

always something new – surprises abound

its like starting a complete new life and experience things that other dont have opportunity to discover.

It opens up whole new dimensions and challenges in your life, which can be very enriching.

I think it’s easier for us to surprise the other in good ways than it would be if we were both from the same culture.

I think it enriches your life.  It gives you a different perspective on almost every level.  It forces you to see things differently and to realise that the way you know things to be may not necessarily be the only way, or the right way.

Widens perspective More interested in other cultures Knowledge in other languages and cultures Advantages in global understanding

A CCR is mostly just like any relationship — the positives are the same: love, companionship and so on. The only thing different about a CCR is the interesting potential to learn about the other person’s language, culture, food, etc., and the humor value from misunderstandings.

Another horizon of knowledge and experiences.  More stimulating topics to talk about. 

new interesting experiences. 

Love learning new things and seeing things thru different lens cap.


Learning more about the other culture

New ways of looking at thingsGives you an understanding of how you are effected by your culture, both good and bad

Endless discovery of another world, sometimes better work/education opportunities, probably a feeling that "power of love" can overcome cultural boundaries, which can strengthen the relationship.

we have more topics to talk about and life is more interesting

So many interesting things to discover. Being engaged in a relationship with a person from a different cultural background provides a unique opportunity to gain a new perspective, develop a new worldview- to grow as an individual. You can learn a new language, understand the values and beliefs behind different behaviors, be introduced to music, food, art that you are not familiar with.  Cultural differences is something to celebrate!



Travel opportunities! Oh, and the freedom you feel from being expected to behave differently.

Possibility of working and living in another country Extends social network


Openness / acceptance / cultural sharing

Keep the stereotypes away from our life. Stereotype regarding to cultural and ethnic factors is the worst thing we might ever face in cross-cultural relationship. The reason is that the stereotype does reflects the feature in some way, but that’s the extreme way and extreme result of that value and custom. The other thing is just be happy and positive. Difficulties are everywhere, no matter who I am in love with. Be positive and optimistic makes thing easier, but positiveness and optimism doesn’t mean "NAIVE".

More patience to understand people  To develop my willpower (to stay in or be connected to a different culture/environment)

The positives? It depends on what the two cultures are. For me, I get to have someone who isn’t so affected by the American macho culture. There’s a way that American men are "supposed" to be, and that stereotype affects American men in one way or another, either by pushing them to live up to it, or making them feel inadequate because they don’t. I get to be with someone who has a different standard for what constitutes masculine, one that I much prefer. He gets to have a woman who is much more strong-willed and outgoing than the average Taiwanese woman. We also both get to learn a new language by being together, and maybe someday have bilingual children. I think that for the most part, cross-cultural relationships just make you more open-minded. Being with someone of a different culture isn’t inherently better or worse, but it definitely forces you to think a little more about yourself and the way you act and some of your own stereotypes about the rest of the world.

learning how to respect the thoughts, attitudes even cultural background from both sides; getting to know what people think from a very different point of view. sometimes you’ll know stereotype or bias towards othres are really unnecessary from talking to them (my bf)…really, the world’s this wide, when you are accepting and exploring cultural experiences, you are getting to learn more about this world. 

diversity, problem solving (different ways to solve problems), enjoying what is shared among our cultures. 

A fresh perspective on your own culture, the positives and negatives about it, and being able to incorporate some of their deeply cultural beliefs into your own.

Refuces stereotypes and they have the best of both worlds. Life, itself is a unique learning experience. This is one example. They will be able to learn about two cultures and parents can help with the explaining. This relationship means that we, as parents, will be more willing to participate in toher cultures as we are will to supprt and guide eachother through their learning experiences, thus broadening their horizons.

It’s a unique experience. You learn things about yourself and your culture that you never could learn staying in your own comfort zone.

To know another culture in depth and have friends that you would’t have otherwise. To know and live in a different part of the world gives you courage and strength to deal with the daily small stuff.

learned about broader culture, beliefs, etc. open your mind, and learn to love yourself and your culture. as well as teach you to be more tolerant to other people



Cute babies. 

cute kids!

our kids.



Duel citizenships. 

Well, and the sex is great.

being able to find a partner that does not have the negative aspect of those "in culture". now that i’ve been with somebody cross-culture, im not sure im willing to accept a lot of the behaviour a guy of my culture displays

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