The tour of Peng Chau wouldn’t be complete without a tour of the small streets of the island, the markets and some of the local people and fishing life. Following up on the first post “Peng Chau : HK’s intimate island”, here the second part on Peng Chau.


As you get off the ferry… “Welcome to Peng Chau”.

Peng Chau 004.JPG


Not too far away at the end of the short road to your right is one of the old local temples…

Peng Chau 006.JPG


Continuing from the temple to the right is a narrow street which includes the local market and street restaurants…

Peng Chau 007.JPG

Peng Chau 011.JPG


Transport on the island is non-motorized and everyone uses different variations of bicycles…

Peng Chau 098.JPG



There are local shrines all over the island worshiping different Gods, mostly related to fishing and sea related life…

Peng Chau 118.JPG


I personally found the little residential streets quite charming, a bit of old style and somewhat basic.


Peng Chau 091.JPG

Peng Chau 092.JPG 

Peng Chau 095.JPG


Every once in a while you might come across something that’s a bit different, like this next “statue”…

Peng Chau 033.JPG


Island life, as you might expect, is mainly about the sea, boating and fishing. The views are gorgeous and all is quite relaxed…

Peng Chau 116.JPG

Peng Chau 105.JPG

Peng Chau 002.JPG

Peng Chau 099.JPG

Peng Chau 113.JPG

Peng Chau 111.JPG


And the local residents seem generally content…

Peng Chau 010.JPG

Peng Chau 012.JPG

Peng Chau 075.JPG

Peng Chau 102.JPG

Peng Chau 147.JPG


For more photos of life in Peng Chau :

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