2 Jan, 2014 in New Orleans
Mardi Gras World - New Orleans-018

Mardi Gras is a series of festivals taking place in southern US during February. The last SPSP conference took place in New Orleans just before the first Margi Gras, and so I got a chance to taste a little bit of the Mardi Gras culture. But even if you’re not in New Orleans you can […]

1 Jan, 2014 in Yearly summaries

What did 2013 look like? An extension of 2012 this was a year mostly surrounding my academic life, with most of my travels associated with with academic adventures around the world.   Since I’m always behind on my blogging, and the previous summary of 2012 still had a lot coming I’ll start off from a […]

31 Dec, 2013 in Boston, Itineraries

To kickoff my move from Hong Kong to the United States last year, I chose Boston to be my first stop in the USA. With top universities like Harvard and MIT (and many others) and the many years since I visited last as a child, it was long overdue. Boston has exceeded every expectation, academically […]

30 Dec, 2013 in Itineraries, Tallahassee

Last year, somewhat unexpectedly, I found myself on a research exchange to a small town in northern Florida called Tallahassee – home to Floirda State University where I was to work with a professor in the social psychology department. Before going to Tallahassee I wasn’t sure what to expect, there wasn’t much available on the […]

30 Dec, 2013 in Tallahassee
Florida State University Campus (24)

Florida State University was my academic home for 6 months while I was on a research attachment to the United States. I’ve been to a fair share of campuses throughout the united states, and though there’s nothing too extraordinary about the FSU campus it was nicer than I expected. Large lawns, red stone architecture, decent […]

29 Dec, 2013 in Orlando
Epcot Disney Orlando (27)

The Walt Disney World and Epcot Center are some of the most vivid memories I have from my year living in the states in 1989. Based in Topeka middle-of-no-where Kansas the family set off for a trip to Florida and Orlando spending a few days in kids’ paradise. It was around Christmas and Hannukah time […]

28 Dec, 2013 in Itineraries, Kaiping

Having exhausted most of what Hong Kong, Macau and Shenzhen have to offer I was looking for an interesting weekend escape that wouldn’t be too far but still very different, exciting and new. I must admit that I haven’t heard much of Kaiping prior, but the UNESCO heritage site title badge seemed like a sign […]

28 Dec, 2013 in Kaiping
Majianglong Village - Kaiping - Guangdon (5)

The last of the Diaolou western-Chinese mix villages in my Kaiping tour was Majianglong Village. I arrived a little bit too late to really enjoy all that it has to offer, but still, I was able to appreciate the special architecture and get a taste of the local feel.   …

27 Dec, 2013 in Itineraries, Puerto Rico
Cabo+Rojo+Lighthouse+Puerto+Rico+ 52  Los Morrillos Lighthouse : Cabo Rojo   Puerto Rico puerto tico

One of my main travel goals for my research appointment to Florida was to try and get a glimpse of central and south America. It’s a part of the world I’ve never been to but always wanted to explore. Though I failed that mission, I was able to get a little bit closer than before […]

27 Dec, 2013 in Puerto Rico
Around old San Juan (4)

To wrap up all my posts about my wonderful trip to Puerto Rico, the final post is about the lovely old city of San Juan. There are several world class attractions in San Juan, including forts and castles that defended the cities from rival colonials forces, but the real charm of the city simply …

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