19 Dec, 2013 in Kaiping
Kaiping Zili Village Guangdong  (21)

Another terrific spot for the Diaolou architecture near Kaiping in Guangdong province is the Zili Village featuring a collection of fortified village houses. Recognized by UNESCO in 2007 as a heritage site combining eastern and western influences, these structures have been abandoned since mid 20th century, but have now seen a renewal with restoration …

18 Dec, 2013 in Kaiping
Li Yuan Kai Ping Guangdong (1)

Diaolous are villages built by overseas Chinese from Guangdong province combining eastern and western influences to create an interesting sense of architecture, recently recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage. While visiting Kaiping you’ll get to see all sorts of Dialou, but the most posh that I’ve seen were definitely in Li Garden.   …

15 Dec, 2013 in Kinmen Island
Jyuguang Tower - Jincheng - Kinmen (2)

There are a few things to do down south from Jincheng Town in Kinmen island. You can stay an overnight in an old Fujianese style house at Oucuo (e.g. Piano Piano) or visit some of the underground war tunnels of Zhaishan. But, more genreally, just riding around the south western part of the island you’ll […]

14 Dec, 2013 in Kinmen Island
Jhaishan Tunnels - Kinmen Island (6)

All over Kinmen island are museums and memorials for the cold war between the Chinese and the Taiwanese/Nationalists, but some of those little museums are pretty cool. Take Jhaishan Tunnels, for example, at the southwestern corner of the island, not too far away from Jincheng Town. I made my way down there on a motorcycle […]

13 Dec, 2013 in HK Places
Kun Ting Study Hall - Ping Shan - Yuen Long  - Hong Kong (23)

Just next to the Tang and Yu Kiu ancestral halls, down the Ping Shan heritage trail in Yuen Long at Hong Kong’s new territories, is the Kun Tung Study Hall, the last stop on the trail. It’s a gorgeous study hall where students prepared for the Chinese imperial civil service exam, dating back to 1870. […]

10 Dec, 2013 in HK Places
Sheung Cheung Wai - Ping Shan - Yuen Long  - Hong Kong (2)

Also on the lovely historical Ping Shan Heritage Trail is one old walled village – Shenug Cheung Wai. There are several walled villages all over Hong Kong, aimed to defend a clan from invading pirates and looting gangs that disturbed the otherwise peaceful life of the locals in the once unprotected areas of southern China. […]

9 Dec, 2013 in HK Places
Tang Ancestral Hall - Ping Shan - Yuen Long  - Hong Kong (4)

Scattered along the Ping Shan Heritage Trail in the new territories in Hong Kong are historical buildings dating back as far as 700 year. For a city considered to have no history, seeing something that’s 700 years old up and standing is quite extraordinary. The Tang Ancestral Hall is an impressive historical building built by […]

6 Dec, 2013 in HK Places
Tsui Sing Lau Pagoda - Ping Shan Heritage Trail  - Hong Kong (1)

How far back do you think history in Hong Kong goes? I always thought there wasn’t really much to see in Hong Kong that goes further back than a 150 years, but I was surprised to learn that some areas of Hong Kong offer history that dates back over 800 years. In the upper west […]

5 Dec, 2013 in Tampa Bay
Circus Museum - Ringling Sarasota (29)

Though there’s lots to see at the Ringling Estate and Museum of Art in Sarasota, Ringling has made his fortune and fame by forming one of the world’s largest traveling circuses. If you think that isn’t such a big deal, the Ringling Circus Museum will help you understand just how big the operation was. It […]

3 Dec, 2013 in New York City
Brooklyn Museum - NYC (1)

A bit off the beaten track for tourists visiting New York but still quite a treat is the Brooklyn (art) Museum. It’s the second largest after the Met with over 1.5 million works. I visited the museum pretty randomly, since the Airbnb apartment I was staying with was next to Prospect Park and I was […]

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