8 Jan, 2016 in London, Visions

The nice thing about living in the center of Western Europe is that all the big cities are within reach. A 3 hour train will get me to Paris, Amsterdam, or Frankfurt, and in 4 hour I can be in London. A few weeks after moving here I decided to test it out and give it […]

7 Jan, 2016 in Eastern Spain, Visions
Visions of Valencia Spain (11)

Valencia may have been just another Spanish city with a nice old city center, but just before saying my goodbyes I went to see the new City of Arts and Sciences and was in for a big surprise. I heard they did something special, but this sort of futuristic sci-fi city was not was I […]

6 Jan, 2016 in Southern Spain, Visions
Visions of Alicante Spain (8)

To warm up for Christmas, I decided to head down to southern Europe and see a bit of Spain. Aside from a trip to Barcelona Catalonia over 15 years ago, I have never really had the chance to explore Spain, and so I was thrilled and excited about this visit. Alicante was the last stop before heading back. […]

19 Dec, 2015 in Yearly summaries

What did 2015 look like? 2015 marked yet another change in my life. After moving to the US following ~10 years on and off in Asia, I moved to the Netherlands in Europe to start yet another adventure. The time spent in the US provided me with some significant challenges, also on the travel side, but […]

17 Dec, 2015 in Vancouver
Capilano Suspension Bridge Vancouver Canada (13)

Lots to see and do in Vancouver, but the national parks just North of the city rising over the mountains are probably what makes Vancouver special and memorable to me. During my short time in Vancouver I had the change to visit two such attractions with a special shuttle leaving from the conference center. The first was […]

16 Dec, 2015 in Saint Petersburg
Peter and Paul Fortress Saint Petersburg Russia (11)

While roaming around Saint Petersburg on foot, exploring canals, and viewing gorgeous architecture I arrived at the Peter and Paul Fortress. Built by Peter the Great in the 18th century, this fort commands the water pathways of the Saint Petersburg area, and was later converted to an Alcatraz like prison. You can go up to […]

10 Dec, 2015 in Budapest
Fishermans Bastion Budapest Hungary (26)

Around Budapest there are several hill that offer panoramic scenic views of Budapest and the Danube river from above. One of the nicer places to catch a great view is at the Fisherman’s Bastion with lookout towers, a castle and Matthias Church. Aside from the spectacular views of the area there are all sorts of tourist traps […]

8 Dec, 2015 in Abruzzo
Castello Piccolomini Celano Italy (32)

On the way back to Rome from the gorgeous off-the-beaten track area of Abruzzo, we stopped at the Castello Piccolomini in Celano. Like in Pacentro the mountain view overlooking the valley was spectacular, and the old fort made for an especially magical feel. The castle dates back to the 14th centruy, built by a count who later joined […]

7 Dec, 2015 in Bocas del toro
Isla Carenero Bocas Del Toro Province - Panama (68)

To continue the tour of Local versus tourist life at Isla Carenero in the lovely Bocas Del Toro province of Panama here’s a photo walking tour of Isla Carenero. As opposed to local life, foreigners seem to have very comfy life at the heart of gorgeous natural scenery. The area has great isolated beaches with […]

6 Dec, 2015 in Antwerp, Visions
Visions of Antwerp Belgium (7)

My first visit to Belgium was to the lovely town of Antwerp at the northern side of Belgium, less than an hour by train from Brussels. Although it was a gloomy and cloudy day during turbulent times of a country under the threat of terrorist and a rather short stay, the little I saw of […]

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