17 Jun, 2014 in Guangdong
Nanhai Baofeng Temple at Xiqiao Mountain FoShan Big Buddha Guangdong (2)

Just when I think I’ve seen all of the best that this region around Hong Kong has to offer something comes along that blows my mind. Near Foshan in Guangdong province is one of the most spectacular big Buddhas I’ve seen. Sure, we have our own in Hong Kong at Lantau island, but this one […]

16 Jun, 2014 in Kyoto, Visions
Kyoto Japan (10)

When it became clear that I’ll be leaving Asia to go to the US, I sat down in front of a map of Asia and thought to myself – where is the last place I’d like to visit before I leave Asia? For a long time, Kyoto in Japan was on top of my …

9 Jun, 2014 in Singapore, Visions
Singapore visit (43)

How time flies. It’s been 9 years since I visited Singapore during my backpacking tour of Asia. I have fond memories of Singapore, I remember it as the first place I saw of developed Asia. It truly impressed me and has lit up my interest in seeing more of Chinese cultures. This month, I was […]

7 Jun, 2014 in HKUST
HKUST boat-trip Saikung National Geopark Hong Kong (6)

Every year the management department at HKUST goes for a boat trip around the Saikung peninsula sailing through the national geopark and visiting some deserted white-sand beach. This year, however, marks a occasion in my life. After 5 years of doing a PhD at HKUST I will be graduating and leaving Hong Kong for a […]

6 Jun, 2014 in Guangdong
Qinghui Garden Museum - Shunde Guangdong-007

Two hours away by ferry from Hong Kong is the relatively unexplored area of Shunde next to Foshan. Aside from water canals Suzhou style (see Gaozan Feng Jian Canal Town) there are lovely gardens old Chinese style – the Qunghui Gardens and Museum, one of the top gardens in China dating back to Ming dynasty […]

4 Jun, 2014 in Northern Israel
Mount Tabor - Northern Israel (1)

Although Israel is tiny, the differences between north and south are huge. The south is mostly desert land, while the north – especially during spring – is lush and green. During my last visit to Israel in March, the north is the perfect place to be. Blue skies, fluffy clouds, rivers with rushing waters, trees […]

28 May, 2014 in Northern Israel
Tel Hazor National Park Israel (24)

Northern Israel is filled with history and throughout the country-side there are UNESCO heritage sites that date back thousands of years. On the opposite site of the Gallillee from the fabulous Tel Megiddo close to the Golan Heights is the Tel Hazor National Park, another gem surrounded by lush green nature. Dating back four millenia, […]

27 May, 2014 in Amsterdam
Amsterdam water canals Netherlands-014

Amsterdam is a beautiful city. Though I’ve visited many cities in various countries in the last few years, Amsterdam definitely stands out from all the rest with unique charm. As a friend of mine eloquently put it – every photo you take in whatever way looks like a postcard. The long canals, the historical houses, […]

26 May, 2014 in Haikou
Shishan Volcanic Cluster National Geopark Haikou-047

Aside from beaches and strange cultural parks (e.g. betelnut park) Hainan also has some great tropical nature to explore. Recently, the Chinese government opened up several parks across Hainan making it easy to enjoy some of Hainan’s former volcano glory. The Volcanic Cluster National Geo Park 15 minutes from Hainan is probably one of the […]

24 May, 2014 in Guangdong
Feng Jian Canal Town Shunde Guangdong-008

Just when I think I’ve seen almost everything that the Hong Kong area has to offer, something new comes up. Two hours from Hong Kong on a ferry to mainland China’s Guangdong province is an area near Foshan called Shunde. It’s a generally laid back place, but recently the Guangdong government recognized the touristic potential […]

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