7 Nov, 2015 in Antalya
Antalya old city Turkey (29)

I began my Antalya visit with a late flight arrival to a last-minute booking of a hotel at Kaleiçi, the old quarter. The taxi from the airport took about 20 minutes to arrive at the old quarter and then completely got lost in the narrow one-way streets looking for the right road to reach the […]

5 Nov, 2015 in Milan
Milan Cathedral  Italy (20)

The Milan Cathedral, or Metropolitan Cathedral-Basilica of St Mary of the Nativity, is impressive. Even though I’ve seen hundreds of cathedrals all around the world, some of them grander and older than the Milan Cathedral, and you could say I’ve become so bored with them to a point of not caring, this cathedral still took […]

3 Nov, 2015 in Budapest
City Park  Budapest Hungary (1)

Several areas in Budapest worth exploring, and on my second day in Budapest I took a walk in the north east direction to explore City Park. Aside from lush green and gardens, the city park offers some hot springs SPA and pools and the Vajdahunyad Castle with a complex serving several museums. Greeting you at […]

30 Oct, 2015 in Moscow
Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines  Moscow Russia (1)

So you’re visiting another place, weather isn’t great, and you’re looking for a museum to visit. Sure, you could go to another art museum, another national history museum, another science museum, -yawn-, but if – like me – you’ve already seen dozens of those museum all over the world you’ll probably be looking for something […]

27 Oct, 2015 in Hannibal
Mark Twain Cave  Hannibal Missouri (29)

The Mark Twain Cave is the oldest cave in Missouri, featured in Mark Twain’s stories about Tom Sawyer and Injun Joe with tales of romantic adventures and fatal hideouts from the law. I ran into this cave completely by accident while roaming the highway linking Illinois and Kansas. I was a bit tired and just […]

26 Oct, 2015 in Mexico City
UNAM National Autonomous University of Mexico campus Mexico City (12)

I’ve heard quite a lot about UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico), one of Latin America’s best universities situated at the southern part of Mexico City. If you don’t have a reason to visit for the local academics, then atleast consider visiting for the interesting campus they have. On one of my visits to Mexico […]

25 Oct, 2015 in Bocas del toro
Isla Carenero  Bocas Del Toro Province - Panama (18)

When visiting the lovely Bocas Del Toro islands in Panama I spent my first night at the Bocas Del Toro Town. Of all the places you can stay on those islands, Bocas Del Toro is probably the worst option, unless you want some variant of nightlife or care about convenient shopping. So, one of the […]

23 Oct, 2015 in New York City
Central Park autumn - New York City (8)

Last spring I had the opportunity to revisit New York City and its gorgeous Central Park. The last time I’ve been to NYC before that was in December for Christmas during freezing cold winter and Central Park was covered with snow. Springtime Central Park felt different, blue skies with fluffy clouds, and the trees just […]

21 Oct, 2015 in Rome
Colosseum Rome Italy (4)

The Colosseum, one of the world’s most recognizable relics of the ancient world, representing a long gone era of a great empire. With all that’s Italy been through since it’s a miracle it stands as it does. The problem with universality recognized symbols is that they are considered a must-do attractions for all visitors and […]

20 Oct, 2015 in Munich
Nymphenburg Palace Park Munich Germany (34)

My visit to Munich was filled with little surprises. Upon my arrival to Munich I was asked whether I wanted to go take a walk at a nearby park, and looking at the gloomy skies outside I was contemplating whether a simple stroll in a park was a good enough excuse to venture out. Little […]

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