3 Jul, 2016 in Visions, Wallonia
Visions of Namur Belgium (7)

On the way back from a roadtrip to Dinant close to the Belgium-French border I had a quick stopover at Namur to get a taste of the views. I climbed up the Citadel of Namur to see panoramic views of the Meuse and Sambre meeting point and see the city from above. Together with a short stroll through […]

2 Jul, 2016 in Phoenix

To wrap up my visit to Phoenix during Christmas, I made a short visit to the University of Arizona in Phoenix. To catch a last glimpse of the city from above, I took the opportunity to climb up the nearby mountain and the Hayden Butte Preserve with panoramic views of the whole area. It’s a bit of a hike, […]

30 Jun, 2016 in North Brabant, Visions
Visions of Den Bosch Netherlands (1)

On every trip I took from Maastricht up north to Utrecht or Amsterdam there was a stop called ‘s-Hertogenbosch. How to even pronounce that? I thought, but it’s pretty straightforward if you use the short Den Bosch, a little gem of a town which opened my eyes to the incredible art of 15th century Hieronymus Bosch, […]

22 Jun, 2016 in Eastern Spain
Museo Fallero de Valencia Spain-020

Once a year Valencia celebrates Saint Joseph with Las Fallas and turns completely crazy. People take to the streets to parade along huge funny figures and go wild, partying all day. The figurines have been a cult art event, with artists coming in from all over the world to create beautiful works of art. If […]

21 Jun, 2016 in Namur
Visions of Dinant - Belgium (1)

Along the Meuse River in the Namur province of southern Belgium is a picturesque little town called Dinant. Aside from the breath-taking views of the river from the surrounding hills and mountains, there are a few little attractions that make it even more special. It’s the home of Mr. Sax, the inventor of the saxophone music instrument. […]

20 Jun, 2016 in Tokyo
Camera 360

I received a few questions the other week from folks traveling to Tokyo asking me about recommendations for affordable places to stay. I already wrote a post about it, but that was from a trip over 7 years ago, so there are other better ways, and I’ve used some of them. Funky ones are capsule […]

19 Jun, 2016 in Bavaria, Frankfurt, Visions
Visions of Wurzburg Germany (4)

Würzburg is a lovely town in northern Bavaria, a quick getaway trip from Frankfurt or Munich. It has a very picturesque old town next to the wide Main River, with the imposing Fortress Marienberg, reachable by very old bridges from the old center, offering panoramic views of the town from above. A walk through the city […]

18 Jun, 2016 in Limburg
Japanse Tuin Hasselt (20)

On my first visit to Hasselt, a small city not too far away from Maastricht to the west in the Belgium Limburg, I went to see the local Japanese gardens (Japanese Tuin). When parking the car I already realized there was something going on and upon arriving at the garden entrance it became clear that I was […]

17 Jun, 2016 in Hakone
Hotsprings - Hakone Yumoto (10)

I’ve been asked questions about my visit to the lovely Hakone, a wonderful getaway trip from Tokyo, and when looking back to share some of the adventures from my trip I realized that I didn’t mention the way to get there. First off, there are plenty of wonders in the Hakone region: You start off […]

16 Jun, 2016 in Guadalajara
Plaza Fundadores Guadalajara Historic center (8)

It’s been over a year since I visited Guadalajara and going back to revisit some of the memories, I realized that I have not done justice to this lovely city and have yet to share some of what the historic center has to offer. The whole historic center is walkable, and I strongly recommend that […]

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