21 Mar, 2016 in Lisbon
National Coach Museum Lisbon Spain (8)

In the last post I wrote about the funky small specialty museums all over Lisbon, and mentioned my visit to the old National Coach Museum. Well, there’s a much bigger and more modern coach museum, 2-min walk away from the old one, housed in a contemporary large hall, with an even larger selection of coaches. […]

18 Mar, 2016 in Lisbon
National Coach Museum Lisbon Spain (36)

I love specialty museums. Over the years, the more I traveled – the more I grew tired of the typical arts, history, natural history, and science museums. To impress me, I need a city to offer me specialty museums, and luckily – Lisbon has plenty of those. Lisbon has museums about Fado, Lisbon city, design , old electricity factory, […]

16 Mar, 2016 in Panama City
Casco Viejo Panama City-005

I spent a couple of days in Panama City before heading out to the islands and mountaints. Upon my arrival, the first day was devoted to the Panama Canal and surrounding area, and once I returned from exploring Panama and just before heading out of Panama City I had the morning to stroll around the lovely […]

15 Mar, 2016 in Topeka
Combat Air Museum Topeka Kansas (2)

Last year, I did a trip back in time to revisit Topeka Kansas, where I spent an exchange year back in 1989. I found my old house, and had a few other adventures, but then wanted to go and explore some of the local attractions. I can’t say that I found a lot, but one […]

14 Mar, 2016 in Illinois
Chevrolet Museum Hall of Fame Museum Decatour Illinois-030

As I was making my way west from Urbana-Champaign towards a visit into the past in Topeka Kansas, I decided to make a quick stop in Decatour. As I was going off the highway I saw a sign leading to the Chevrolet Museum Hall of Fame Museum. That sounded interesting, so I decided to go have […]

12 Mar, 2016 in Saint Petersburg
Winter Palace State Hermitage Museum Saint Petersburg Russia-005

Saint Petersburg is a gorgeous city, and a good place to kick off a tour of the city is at the area around the Winter Palace with the State Hermitage Museum, one of the largest and oldest museums in the world, dating back to the 18th century. The area features a huge square, many historical buildings with remarkable architecture, and several world-class […]

11 Mar, 2016 in Amsterdam
Jewish Portuguese Synagogue Amsterdam Netherlands-001

In my last visit to Amsterdam to visit colleagues and attend a seminar at the wonderful UvA business school, I stayed overnight near the campus. Little did I know that the area north to UvA used to be the old Jewish area of Amsterdam, with rich history, and vibrant community life, that ended tragically during […]

10 Mar, 2016 in Barcelona
Visions of Barcelona Spain-006

It took me 15 years to revisit the beautiful city of Barcelona, and I can’t imagine why I waited this long. During Christmas vacation I took off to warm up at the south touring the east coast of Spain and spending a few days to re-explore Barcelona. Needless to say, it was nothing like I […]

9 Mar, 2016 in Eastern Spain
City of Arts and Sciences Valencia Spain-039

The problem was I arrived in Valencia after visiting Barcelona, Girona, and Figueres, and so the charming old central area of Valencia was just, let’s say, okay. Sure, you get your lovely architecture, a grand cathedral, a lively local market, and some local museums, but I was hoping to see something in Valencia that would […]

8 Mar, 2016 in Central Italy
Foof museum Naples Italy-021

I really like funky off-the-beaten track museums about something unexpected. The Foof dog museum in the middle of nowhere Italy is a great example of such a ‘museum’. We were looking for something interesting to break up the three hour trip from Naples to Rome, and we somehow found our way to discover a unique specialty […]

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