23 Aug, 2017 in Poznan

Last spring I discovered Poland in a first visit to the lovely town of Poznan, a cheap Wizzair flight from my European base town. It far exceeded my expectations, which would explain why I visited Poland four more times in the year since. It has a charming old town square area, a large lake area […]

22 Aug, 2017 in Sicily

While roaming around Sicily with my family we made a stop to the northern town of Cefalu with a gorgeous beach stretch and a charming old town. It captures the essence of the Sicilian experience, historical forts and cathedrals, old pedestrian area with narrow streets offering a variety of restaurants and shopping options, beach chill-out […]

21 Aug, 2017 in Lausanne

I was invited to visit Lausanne University, and was put up in the old city center of Lausanne. The city is gorgeous, and the old town is spread out of a few hills and valleys. I didn’t have much time to explore everything, but I did take a few strolls around the center, visiting the […]

17 Aug, 2017 in Nagoya

To wrap up my visit to Nagoya last summer, I want to share a few more Nagoya gems with you that I neglected to mention so far. There are several Nagoya attractions, like the Nagoya Castle and the Toyota Museum of Industry and Technology, but most big Japanese cities are just fun to explore around on foot. […]

15 Aug, 2017 in Lodz

Earlier this year I visited Lodz in Poland to tour the area and attend a local conference. During my stay, I did a couple of day trips, and one of those was to Czestochowka, perhaps best known for its Black Madonna of Częstochowa at Jasna Góra. We had a local guide take us around the town, starting out […]

13 Aug, 2017 in Vienna

Vienna is a gorgeous city, with much to see and do, but perhaps one of the top attractions is the Schonbrunn Palace and gardens. Since my time in Vienna was somewhat limited, and I’ve seen my fair share of European castles and palaces, I decided not to take the tour inside, but rather just explore the […]

11 Aug, 2017 in Sapporo

Lots of curious things happened when I was staying at the Sapporo area in the northern Hokkaido region of Japan during the summer. Happened a few times that I took a bus hoping to get to one attraction and then through some misunderstanding and miscommunication with the local Japanese ended up visiting a completely different […]

8 Aug, 2017 in Geneva

I arrived at Geneva early morning and had half a day to explore around before work called. I started with the Saint-Pierre Cathedral for grand views of the city and the Geneva lake, and then made my way to the university area, located near the Parc des Bastions, a lovely area to explore and see face to […]

7 Aug, 2017 in Lodz

If you tell someone you’re from Maastricht and they’ve heard of Maastricht before, then it’s probably because of Andre Reiu, Maastricht’ local export and pride, roaming around the world with his orchestra bringing popular folk and classical music to the eager masses. His Maastricht concerts around July are world famous, and his concerts are very […]

4 Aug, 2017 in Cologne
Burg Stolberg (3)

Roaming around the area surrounding Aachen, we made a quick stop to see Castle Stolberg, a well kept 12th century in the Stolberg old town. It’s nowadays mostly used for medieval themed events and offers accommodation and a restaurant. There are some grand views of the area from the castle, and the nearby old town […]

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