24 Jul, 2017 in Sicily

Taormina was our first stop in Sicily. A gorgeous little old town overlooking the active volcano Etna mountain from afar, with a great stretch of sea side beaches down below, and mountain top fortresses to take in the view. We came in late evening, to see the old town at night, and then spent the […]

21 Jul, 2017 in Sapporo

During my summer stay in the northern Hokkaido region of Japan, I was based in Susukino. Lots of funky things to see and do in Susukino, it’s quite the Japanese adventure, but here I’ll mention four of the tourist/cultural things I did during the time I was there…   Maid Cafe   Lots of Otaku […]

19 Jul, 2017 in Sapporo

Lots of curious things happened when I was staying at the Sapporo area in the northern Hokkaido region of Japan during the summer. Happened a few times that I took a bus hoping to get to one attraction and then through some misunderstanding and miscommunication with the local Japanese ended up visiting a completely different […]

18 Jul, 2017 in Luxembourg

One gloomy weekend I decided I should head out and see more of the area before it becomes too cold and rainy. So, two hours south through clear roads and thick fog I made it to Luxembourg. It’s a charming city to just walk around, and there are a few top attractions, perhaps the most […]

15 Jul, 2017 in Barcelona

Barcelona is an exciting vibrant city, with lots of tourist attractions, but perhaps the most famous of those is the La Sagrada Familia, which has been under renovations for ages. It’s not the only cathedral worth visiting, and in the Gothic quarter is the Cathedral of Barcelona which had lots of open markets and artists […]

15 Jul, 2017 in Geneva

On my last day in Geneva I had a few extra hours before my flight, and since the airport is very close to the city I decided to had out and spend these hours walking north from Lake Geneva up to Parc Barton and the botanical gardens. It’s a gorgeous green walk and the Geneva […]

11 Jul, 2017 in Bristol

Had the pleasure of visiting the Bristol area twice briefly in the past year, and each time was a different time of year showing different aspects of the Bristol charm. The first time, it was autumn-winter, the next spring-summer. I previously wrote about the lovely Clifton Suspension Bridge and Observatory and the intriguing Underfall Yard […]

9 Jul, 2017 in Venice

Venice is gorgeous. Not even the endless tourist crowds and over-commercialization can ruin this beautiful town, but you should try – when possible – to avoid the crowds and take the time to venture out of the main tourist traps a bit. After spending some time with family, and visiting little treasures like Murano Island, […]

7 Jul, 2017 in Sapporo

There are quite a few tourist traps in Sapporo, but perhaps the biggest one of all is the Chocolate Factory, catered especially for the mass Chinese tourist crowds. It’s run by Ishiya, a local chocolate company, that has devised a brilliant theme park like attraction around its chocolate. I’ve visited two other such disasters, the Hershey […]

2 Jul, 2017 in London

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Royal Holloway University of London, on the outskirts of London close to Windsor and so had the chance to see a bit of the area. On this visit, I decided not to spend the little time I had to see the castle, which I visited on other occasions […]

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