19 Feb, 2016 in Milan
Expo 2015 Milan Italy (1)

I’ve been looking for a good excuse to visit Milan for quite some time, but it was only last year that I finally got the ultimate excuse. Milan was hosting the 2015 World Fair Expo, which allowed for a combination of a visit to Milan and for me to see the world at the same time. […]

18 Feb, 2016 in Antalya
Phaselis ancient city Kemer Antalya Turkey (28)

The Antalya province isn’t all beaches and all-inclusive resorts. Sure, it has some remarkable beaches, but those are just part of what the region has to offer. Remarkably, Antalya province has ancient cities dating back thousands of years set in the most gorgeous surroundings, the ancient people did know how to pick their spots. I visited […]

17 Feb, 2016 in Southern Spain
Santa Barbara Castle Alicante City Spain (42)

The last stop on my eastern Spain tour was the south-eastern city of Alicante. It’s less known than Valencia or Barcelona, smaller, and with fewer attractions, but it does have special things to do that you can’t find elsewhere, the number one being the Santa Barbara Castle. Right on the coast is a mountain with a […]

10 Feb, 2016 in Moscow
Kremlin Moscow (11)

A symbol of the former USSR, the Kremlin in Moscow brings up all sorts of associations, but there’s so much more to the Kremlin than history of cold war politics. For the tourist, the Kremlin offers grand Russian architecture with palaces, churches, cathedrals, and museums. I skipped the museums, and headed to the Kremlin complex […]

7 Feb, 2016 in Amalfi and Capri
Monte Solaro Cable Car Anacapri Island Italy-017

Capri Island is absolutely gorgeous. Capri and Anacapri, the two sides of the island, offer slightly different types of views and attractions. On the Capri side there are the lovely Gardens of Augustus, but Anacapri has something better – a cable car taking you up to the highest point on the mountain – Monte Solaro. The panoramic […]

4 Feb, 2016 in Antalya
Olympos Teleferik Antalya Turkey-039

Antalya in Turkey is known for all-inclusive resorts and terrific beaches, but the area offers so much more to see and do. Within a short driving distance from the Antalya old town are spectacular scenic views, ancient cities, folk villages, and much more. Of all that’s available, I decided to go see the Olympos Teleferik, and […]

3 Feb, 2016 in San Diego
Old town - San Diego-007

My short trip to San Diego was very memorable, with lots of cool sites and fun things to do. I thought I covered it all, when I realized I neglected to tell you about the historic part of San Diego, the old town. One of the oldest areas in California, the earliest settlement in the west […]

2 Feb, 2016 in Cologne
Old Town of Cologne Germany (38)

To continue the grand tour of Cologne, following up on the the grand Cologne Cathedral, with some churches and monasteries, Cologne is simply a very nice city for strolling around, especially in the history center of the city. There’s a large Rhein river crossing the town, with a large bridge offering the love locks experience, that offers […]

29 Jan, 2016 in Amalfi and Capri
Gardens of Augustus Capri Italy (24)

Capri Island on the coast of Amalfi not too far from Naples and Pompeii in Italy offers some of the best views I saw in the last year. Sure, it’s touristic, but once you’re up on the hills overlooking the gorgeous bay with the far away islands, you hardly notice the other tourists, and it […]

28 Jan, 2016 in Rotterdam, Visions
Visions of Delft Netherlands (6)

Last newyears I stayed in the Hague-Rotterdam area and was looking for something to explore in the area. Although I haven’t heard anything about Delft from anyone, it showed up on the map between the two main cities so I decided to look it up and see what it might have to offer and was surprised […]

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