14 Sep, 2007 in Taiwan
Salt Mountain Tainan county-58.JPG

Snow? in Taiwan? Santa Clause? Mid-summer? well, kind of… welcome to Salt Mountain in Tainan County, a somewhat strange and out-of-place attraction about 30-40 minutes from Tainan where you can find two big white-grey ‘mountains’ made of salt. Although a bit odd, I liked it. Going with John and his family, we had ourselves a […]

13 Sep, 2007 in Asia, China, Chinese culture

Damn, Russel Peters is hilarious. After finding out about Russel Peters, I couldn’t stop watching his show and rolling on the floor listening to his insights about Asians, Chinese folks and Chinese language. You gotta check Russel Peters out: What’d you think? good stuff, eh?

11 Sep, 2007 in Taiwan
Dayout to Kaohsiung-1.JPG

Last week, some of my Chinese school friends and I spent a day out in Kaohsiung. My teacher grew up in the area and was kind to take us around and show us to some of of the local sites. Having a local guide show you around makes all the differences. My Austrian friend, who’s been […]

9 Sep, 2007 in Taiwan

After all this time, my Chinese is still pretty basic. If someone talks really slow and using everyday words with out any slang, weird accent or some Taiwanese, then I might be able to get most of it, or at least give a good guess by combining the words I do recognize with the body […]

8 Sep, 2007 in Taiwan
Tainan flat-11.JPG

Finally, today, after a month in Tainan, I signed my contract for an apartment. Let me see… I must have probably looked at over 20 apartments, and each of those has opened a new door into some strange bizarre Taiwanese culture and peculiar life in Tainan. I owe a big thanks to my London guardian […]

7 Sep, 2007 in Taiwan

It’s a tough decision – what would you rather have – a Hello Kitty mini-doll or a special God doll to help my fortune? It seems that every chain convenience store in Taiwan has its own little give-away mini-dolls that you get if you buy enough things. If you buy at 7-11 then you can collect […]

5 Sep, 2007 in Taiwan
Tainan Golden Beach-17.JPG

In the past couple of weeks, with the weather and my general mood improving significantly, I had a chance to tour a bit outside central Tainan. A few weeks ago I was fortunate to meet John of The-Real-Taiwan and his lovely family and together we had a stroll down Golden Beach to check out the typhoon affects and […]

4 Sep, 2007 in Taiwan

Are you a foreigner living in southern Taiwan? then I’m guessing you have a difficult time finding information in English about what’s going on. Foreigners in Taipei have a relatively easy life with established communities and Taiwan portals such as Forumosa and Tealit, but as far as I can tell after a month of living […]

30 Aug, 2007 in Asia-Israel connections, Taiwan
The Israeli perspective on Taiwanese culture - Haaretz visits Taiwan

Haaretz, the best Israeli newspaper, has an excellent article on Taiwan. Dror Mishani, Haaretz’s reporter, has been invited to Taiwan to explore some the Taiwanese culture and look into some of the connections between Taiwan and Israel. It’s a long fascinating article, but for the time being I’ll focus on one surprising section regarding the […]

20 Aug, 2007 in Taiwanese Pop Culture

One of my absolute all-time favorite movies is "Lost in Translation". There’s this one scene in which Bob can’t fall asleep and so he opens the TV and looks for something to watch, only to find a bunch the most bizarre TV shows. After a few sleepless nights and pointless zip-zapping, I give you… Lost […]

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