30 Aug, 2007 in Asia-Israel connections, Taiwan
The Israeli perspective on Taiwanese culture - Haaretz visits Taiwan

Haaretz, the best Israeli newspaper, has an excellent article on Taiwan. Dror Mishani, Haaretz’s reporter, has been invited to Taiwan to explore some the Taiwanese culture and look into some of the connections between Taiwan and Israel. It’s a long fascinating article, but for the time being I’ll focus on one surprising section regarding the […]

20 Aug, 2007 in Taiwanese Pop Culture

One of my absolute all-time favorite movies is "Lost in Translation". There’s this one scene in which Bob can’t fall asleep and so he opens the TV and looks for something to watch, only to find a bunch the most bizarre TV shows. After a few sleepless nights and pointless zip-zapping, I give you… Lost […]

19 Aug, 2007 in Chinese culture, Taiwan

Tainan’s hosting the International Chihsi Arts Festival for the Qixi Chinese lovers day: The "2007 Tainan International Chihsi Arts Festival-The Coming-of-Age16 Celebration" will be hosted by Tainan City Government from 10th of August for 10 days at the Confucius Temple and various surrounding sites in Tainan City. Through this festival, the city government aims at […]

18 Aug, 2007 in Taiwan
Taiwan typhoon - sepat

Another weekend to be spent indoors as the 3rd typhoon hits Taiwan in less than 10 days. This one, Sepat, is the biggest of them yet, and having seen what a small typhoon does to the sewer systems and infrastructure here in Tainan, I just can’t wait to see how this one turns out. Aside […]

17 Jul, 2007 in Asia-Israel connections
Just like home, but completely different : An Israeli couple in China

While the other Israeli blogs on China are disappearing, it’s nice to find new ones. Naama and Zohar left to southern China and have been writing about their lives in a new Hebrew blog translated "Just like home, but completely different". Here’s a quick translation from their introduction: When we went to study Humanities, we […]

10 Jul, 2007 in Asia
Conan O

Conan’s been my favorite night show for years, back in the time when I was actually watching the occasional night show. One of his biggest projects is bashing nationalities due to a peculiar incident with the Ukrainians : Awhile ago, Conan did a bit where he showed fake Euro coins.  One of those coins made […]

9 Jul, 2007 in World
Bringing the world together - Open cultural experiences : world travel connections with Couchsurfing and Hospitality Club

Couchsurfing and Hospitality Club are a travel revolution. Aimed at connecting between travelers everywhere, Couchsurfing and Hospitality Club have given traveling a new meaning. Every once in a while I hear of more people who are using those communities with extremely positive feedback. The concept is simple – if you have a spare couch, spare […]

5 Jul, 2007 in Israel
City of David - South to Old City Jerusalem

In the past month, we’ve been revisiting some of the main tourist attractions in the Jerusalem and central-Israel area. It’s the second time I actually take the time to tour around a little, the first time – “Around Israel in 20 days” – being in mid-summer, and it’s quite remarkable that I discovered some incredible […]

The German version says three, but in the Hebrew version one of them got lost. The German version says the policeman asked a question, the Hebrew version he drove them away. Help me find where one Chinese man went missing to and how come the policeman turned aggressive. When I grew up, my parents loved to […]

28 Jun, 2007 in Taiwan

  Wonder what Taiwan would look like in 2050? Here’s an interesting project called "Vision of the Future – 2050" created by NCTU students : – I remember that while in Taiwan I saw a fascinating presentation in the Taipei City Hall, between the SYSMH and the Taipei 101, about Taiwan’s urban plans for the […]

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