6 Feb, 2008 in Tainan
The beautiful Betel Nut experience video : Betel Nut beauty girl

Eh, a video! and about Betel Nut! This one’s too nice to be kept private (:$). John, of TheRealTaiwan, has a real talent for doing this freestyle exploration of Taiwanese people and culture, and he figured it was time for me to get my first taste of a betelnut, and on camera (:$). Yep, …

2 Feb, 2008 in Tainan
Touring Tainan : An Nan, Lu-er-man Temple and Taiwanese Holland

John of TheRealTaiwan, his family, and I went exploring around Tainan. Not really sure where to go, we thought we’d check out the mysterious spot on the Tainan map always pushed to the top left corner that goes by the name of An Nan. We drove around for a while till we spotted a huge […]

28 Jan, 2008 in Taiwan
The confusing Taiwanese winter : freezing at 30c

Last week was full of typical Taiwanese winter days averaging around 28-30c with clear blue skies and refreshing sea-wind. I was just cruising around on the scooter, getting things done and enjoying Taiwanese winter, as I realize something strange. So maybe to share that feeling with you, here’s a quick snapshot of what’s around me […]

25 Jan, 2008 in Chinese culture, India
Chinese New Year in India

I’ll be off to spend the Chinese new year wondering around India. Hopefully, will have a lot of adventures and photos to share with you. BTW – seems like this blog no longer needs me in order to keep posting, so – oddly enough – it will keep self posting even while I’m not …

19 Jan, 2008 in Tainan

You just don’t see that many western-tourists around Tainan, although there’s alot to see. Even the internationals leaving in the city rarely take the time to explore around and appreciate some of the history and beauty that’s in this city. Through a website soon to open up, I came across those wonderful touring Tainan videos, […]

18 Jan, 2008 in Asia-Israel connections, Taiwan

It’s great seeing other Israelis doing well in Taiwan. Warms my heart. The other night, as I was meeting someone at Tainan’s “Hangout”, I picked the newest issue of +886, the Taipei based life style magazine in both Chinese and English, and noticed something familiar on the cover. I stared at it for a few […]

11 Jan, 2008 in Chinese culture, Tainan

It makes sense that the oldest tea shop in Taiwan would be in Tainan – the oldest city in Taiwan. A Chinese exchange student friend took me to a place I would otherwise probably never know about – a 5 (or was it 6) generations running family tea-shop in Tainan. Welcoming us in his pajamas […]

1 Jan, 2008 in Taiwan

It was one of those “I don’t care I need a vacation” kind’o things. All in a rush, arranging things with a Taiwanese travel agency I found on the web, I set to meet with some new friends in Chia-Yi’s train-station and take a 2 day tour up Alishan.   We made a few stops …

30 Dec, 2007 in Taiwan
High above laid on a river of clouds : Breath-taking Alishan

The Alishan National Park (A-li-shan ; 阿里山國家風景區; Ālǐshān) is one of Taiwan’s most famous natural beauties. High on the mountain, around 2000 meters above sea level, this was exactly the break I needed from the hot winter of Tainan. I joined a happy Taiwanese-Russian group I didn’t know very well before but have come …

25 Dec, 2007 in Taiwan
In-art Art Gallery Tainan-4.JPG

It’s not that Tainan doesn’t have its own charm, but there are times when I miss the good old fashioned beauty – constantly looking for basic aesthetics and something that’s a bit more artistic, special and out of the ordinary gray. Although I’ve come to not expect any of that in Tainan, there are times […]

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