28 Jun, 2007 in Taiwan

  Wonder what Taiwan would look like in 2050? Here’s an interesting project called "Vision of the Future – 2050" created by NCTU students : – I remember that while in Taiwan I saw a fascinating presentation in the Taipei City Hall, between the SYSMH and the Taipei 101, about Taiwan’s urban plans for the […]

19 Jun, 2007 in Asia-Israel connections

The Hotline for Migrant Workers (HMW), established in 1998, is a non-partisan, not for profit organization, dedicated to (a) promoting the rights of undocumented migrant workers and refugees and (b) eliminating trafficking in women in Israel. We aim to build a more just, equitable and democratic society, where the human rights of all those …

12 Jun, 2007 in Asia-Israel connections, China
Haifa East Asian studies conference 2007 - China

Every year, one of the Israeli universities holds the annual East Asia conference. This year, during the 6th and 7th of June, the 2007 6th annual East Asia conference was held at the Haifa university, covering various topics addressed by Israeli researchers, mainly about China and Japan. The previous 2006 conference was covered in “TAU Far-east conference : day 1” and “TAU […]

7 Jun, 2007 in Asia-Israel connections, China
Prof. Kenneth Lieberthal gave a speech on "the fundamental forces and challenges shaping China

In April, I wrote about Prof. Kenneth Lieberthal’s speech on "the fundamental forces and challenges shaping China’s future" at the Hebrew University as part of the opening ceremony for the new Louis Frieberg Center for Asian Studies. Finally, the whole lecture is available online. For those who didn’t attend the event, I highly recommend listening to […]

4 Jun, 2007 in Israel

Most Israelis I know who visit Thailand plan their trip around the Thailand full-moon festival. You’ve been there, right? the free-style trance dance, huge alcohol buckets with the awful Thai whiskey, there’s pot and X all over the place with a sexy atmosphere. Koh Phangan is a place where you come to chill out, and once folks’ […]

3 Jun, 2007 in Asia-Israel connections, Korea
The South Korean TV drama "My Lovely Sam Soon" (/"My name is Sam Soon"/내 이름은 김삼순/"סאם סון המתוקה")

The South Korean TV drama “My Lovely Sam Soon” (/”My name is Sam Soon”/내 이름은 김삼순/”סאם סון המתוקה”) is one of Asia’s most successful TV drama ever and it has finally made it to Israel with Hebrew subtitles. Aside from Anime series, I think this is the first Asian drama shown in Israeli TV, and […]

28 May, 2007 in China
Kan Kan : Israeli artists presenting in China

This month, Beijing has been hosting “Kan Kan” (כאן כאן)- an exhibition of Israeli artists living in China and the way they perceive local culture. Artist list includes Irit Tamari, Dvir Bar-Gal, Nir Elias, Basmat Levin, Amir Pollak, Noel Fortunee and Yair Lior. From NYArts : The artists participating in this exhibition are all …

27 May, 2007 in China

The Israeli travel magazines have been giving a lot of attention to China lately, some with video-blogging of culture, people and scenery. From Arutz Teva Hadvarim (טבע הדברים, “Things Naturally channel” in Hebrew) : Beijing   The Great Wall and Beijing markets   The 9 villages valley   Northern …

24 May, 2007 in Asia-Israel connections
Promoting Cultural Diversity : Myths about Asians in Israel

It really is too bad. On one side you have Israelis who are interested in Asia, fantasizing about graduating their East Asia BA and heading off to meet the exotic cultures of the East, and on the other side there are the Asian students who’re studying in Israel, wanting to get to know the …

19 May, 2007 in Asia-Israel connections, China

Jung Chang and Jon Halliday attended the conference at TAU Israel to discuss Mao and his influence on China, the Chinese people and the entire world. As the Mao book came out, the controversy over Mao was revived and the speakers at the conference demonstrated some of the debate that is still going on. In […]

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