23 Feb, 2009 in Cosplay, HK Events
HK HITEC Naruto Cosplay Costume Exhibition-30.JPG

This is the second post to show a bit more of the Gorgeous Naruto Cosplay Costumes I saw at Hong Kong Comic World. …

22 Feb, 2009 in Cosplay, HK Events
Gorgeous Naruto Cosplay Costumes at Hong Kong Comic World

Riding the MTR on the way to Central I was reading BC magazine that’s distributed for free at the university, and caught this : 31 January – 1 February 1 Since 1998, Comic World Hong Kong, held every February and August, provides a …

20 Feb, 2009 in Taipei
Chinese New Year Danshui - Other.JPG

For Chinese New Year 2009 I was invited to join a lovely Taiwanese family up in Danshui, just north of Taipei. The whole area enjoys an amazing view of the Tamshui river and the surrounding mountains. The area has some beautiful nature hikes to explore with a walking path and bicycle routes along the small […]

19 Feb, 2009 in Itineraries, Taiwan

Following is a short summary of most of the places I took my mother to visit around Taiwan (and related posts). Probably a few I already forgot about. North Taipei Touring Taipei : National Palace Museum Shilin Terrific Chinese Opera, Acrobatics and Dancing at Taipei Eye Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall, Warner Village and Taipei […]

18 Feb, 2009 in Tainan
Baoan Taiwan Holocaust Museum Christmas Party-19.JPG

On one of the Sundays my mother was visiting I decided to take her to see the Chi-Mei private museum in Bao-An. On the way, I took her to see the church in Bao-An that had a small holocaust museum to promote holocaust awareness in Taiwan. I think it’s touching for Israelis for see this […]

16 Feb, 2009 in Kaohsiung
Liouguei Tunnels - Kaohsiung County-8.JPG

Moving on from Meinong, we arrived at Liouguei Tunnels serving the Japanese to get to the area till better transportation came up. I must say, I was not impressed, it’s, well, it’s just tunnels, and not very pleasant ones at that. So I couldn’t quite figure out why this is a tourist destination. Still, the […]

14 Feb, 2009 in Kaohsiung
Kaohsiung County - Moon Scape World-10.JPG

Planning a tour of the eastern part of Kaohsiung County we began our drive through the odd landscape of Moon World.   Which was once perhaps a center for lively tourism with Moonscape World park …

12 Feb, 2009 in Tainan
Tainan Anping Eternal Golden Castle-1.JPG

My mother was visiting Taiwan for 3 weeks and that was a good opportunity for me to revisit some of my favorite spots and rediscover new ones. Joining up with my Taiwanese friend we set out to explore Anping. Among the stops – Anping’s Eternal Golden Castle. Actually, I’ve been to Eternal Golden Castle …

10 Feb, 2009 in Taichung
Lukang Folks Art Museum-1.JPG

Lukang’s old streets is a reminder of the alternative style the Chinese/Taiwanese culture could have offered the world. Those magical small streets hidden between exceptionally ordinary Taiwanese small-town streets are what – IMHO – Taiwanese cities could have felt like if it wasn’t for the pressure to modernize (/westernize /industrialize). We started off with …

8 Feb, 2009 in Nantou
Coal Factory Nantou County-14.JPG

Aside from the main attractions in Nantou County (Sun Moon Lake and around it, Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village) my mother and I also shortly visited two strange attractions  we saw on the way. The first one is the Charcoal Doctor, a small museum that leads you towards the souvenir shop at the end all built […]

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