20 Oct, 2016 in Hong Kong, Visions

On and off I spent over 5 years living in Hong Kong. It’s where I lived the longest out of my home country, and it therefore has a special place in my heart. This summer was the first time I went back to visit since I left in 2014, and – as expected – it […]

17 Oct, 2016 in Penghu islands

During my last visit to Taiwan I finally made the trip to visit the remote Penghu islands. Although I’ve lived in Taiwan on and off for almost two years, I never had the chance to go visit, and so when visiting back and looking for something new I knew this is where I should be. […]

15 Oct, 2016 in Gdansk

At the beginning of the summer I had a chance to go visit Polish Gdansk, a lovely old town with many atmospheric restaurants and cafes, maritime history and port area. To get a feel for the city you might want to head up an observation deck and a good place for that is the old Saint Mary Church […]

14 Oct, 2016 in Venice, Visions

Oh, Venice. How long I’ve waited to see you. For years I’ve been meaning to go, and came close many times, but never quite got around to it. Something always came up. But this time, a family gathering to celebrate a significant holiday finally gave me the opportunity to catch this beautiful city in almost […]

12 Oct, 2016 in Ghent, Visions

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of visiting a nearby city I’ve been meaning to go see for a long time – Ghent. It’s a charming old town, filled with canals and cathedrals, with a laid back bohemian feel to it, lots of options for drinks and food, music and culture everywhere. It was […]

11 Oct, 2016 in Nagoya

Nagoya in southern Japan is famous for its automobile car industry, and Toyota is one of the most famous Japanese global brands. One of the highlights in Nagoya is to visit the Toyota factory and technology-industry museums to learn a bit of the history and current state of this successful company. I wasn’t sure what […]

8 Oct, 2016 in London
Central London walking tour United Kingdom Britian (5)

Last winter I took a weekend trip to gloomy London to relive old memories and revisit old familiar spots. I spent a day walking around central London and the main sites. Join me for a walk?   Westminster Abbey…     St James’s Park…     Piccadilly street…     Piccadilly Circus…     Towards Trafalgar Square… […]

7 Oct, 2016 in Daytrips from Sapporo, Visions

My recent summer was mostly spent in Asia, with the longest time spent in Japan. Since it was boiling hot down in central Japan, I made an unexpected change in my plans and went up to Hokkaido, to see a bit of the wonderful scenic north and cool down a bit on the mountains. I […]

2 Oct, 2016 in Eindhoven

On a gloomy winter Friday, I headed up from Maastricht to Eindhoven to attend  a workshop at the Eindhoven Institute of Technology (EIT). Before that trip up I knew very little about this institute and only caught a glimpse of it on the train ride when near the Eindhoven train station. Turns out that this institute […]

1 Oct, 2016 in Warsaw
Taras Widokowy Palace of Culture Science Warsaw Poland-003

My first stop in Warsaw was the Palace of Culture and Science near the main train station. On the way I could already see the grand building from afar and as I drove closer the building emerged in full glory. The area surrounding the train station features some of Warsaw’s funkiest architecture, but most of it is […]

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