Cebu City was disappointment enough, but Dumaguete I really didn't get. Lonely Planet was full of great things to say about the young & energetic student city, but I honestly saw none of that. If anything, I thought the city was quite plain, and the city sights not up to par with the built up expectations.


A good example for this would be the Dumaguete Old Bell Tower. Built somewhere in the mid-18th century, it's one of the oldest structures in the area… a great symbol of the city.


Old Bell Tower - Dumaguete


Here's a description of the tower from the Dumaguete Info website :

Located along the main Perdices Street right next to the St. Catherine of Alexandria Cathedral fronting the Rizal Park, it is an imposing stone structure that certainly calls for the attention of many passersby. Because of its antiquity and authenticity it may well look out of place in the midst of the city’s modern day activities. But although it has been restored and given some additions over the years like the garden and grotto of Our Lady of Perpetual Help at its base, it has retained its ancient look right down to the now moss covered exterior walls.


It is a main attraction in Dumaguete and a nice tower indeed, but, but, but… it's just a tower.


Old Bell Tower - Dumaguete

Old Bell Tower - Dumaguete


And I've come all that way. 😛

Looking at the positive, I can atleast now I can say that I've seen it.


Well, next to it is the St. Catherine of Alexandria Cathedral, another historical structure and perhaps a bit more to look at…

Old Bell Tower - Dumaguete

Old Bell Tower - Dumaguete

Old Bell Tower - Dumaguete


So, to sum up – what I would recommend the Filipino tourism bureau and the various guidebooks is a bit more humility when it comes to the local attractions.


Or as a street sign just next to the church so eloquently put it …

Old Bell Tower - Dumaguete


Wise words.

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Lonely Planet is no longer what it used to be… Now-a-days I prefer to rely on blogs like yours and personal experiences than what I read on the LP. Loved the photos, specially the street sign.
One suggestion: you could keep your eye open for more street signs and local graffiti; some are really great!

drey |

It’s good to know that your beloved city (Dumaguete) is being featured and talked about! You really have the eye for great angles considering that you took those shots when the day was raining.

Kind regards,

drey at


this is nothing but personal perspective without understanding or realizing the tower’s significance in the history of one of the best places to retire in the world according to forbes.. yes, a tower is only a tower except this tower has a story to tell …many guests have come and visited Dumaguete and found it to be very beautiful whether your blog believes it or not, after all, a blog is just a blog… nothing more!

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