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Norbesa Ferris Wheel : Sapporo Japan

Large Japanese cities tend to have atleast one shopping mall with a ferris wheel on top. It’s a trend, and I’ve seen this spreading to Taipei and other Asian cities. On a clear day, it’s a great way to see the city from above. So, on my last day in Sapporo on a day with clear blue skies I headed up to the ferris wheel. At 600yen for a single cycle it’s a bit much, but in the morning there’s no line and a moving ferris wheel is a bit more fun than an observation deck on top of a TV tower, so, why not? Sapporo is surrounded by hills and valleys and on the top you’ll be able to get a glimpse of that as well as look down at the lively Susukino from above. The night view, I’ve been told, is also quite an attraction, and is a favorite for young Japanese kids on dates. The shopping mall, by the way, is for the anime Otaku audiences, so a ferris wheel ride seems suitable.


Shall we go up?




The urban views of Susukino Sapporo…















If you’re already in Susukino and it’s a nice day, it’s a nice way for a quick attraction. The manga shopping mall leading to the ferris wheel is also a great place for some Japanese people watching.

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