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National Zoological Park – Smithsonian Institute : Washington DC

When it comes to museums and parks, very few cities in the world can compete with Washington DC on quality and variety. The mysterious Smithsonian Institution, whatever and however it came to be, has done wonderful things for the cultural and artistic attractions of the American capital. It’s overwhelming, really, how they are able to put this together and coordinate some of the world’s finest museums and attractions, and all available for the public for free. Throughout the years, I’ve had the great pleasure of visiting almost all of the museums in Washingston DC for atleast a short tour, and they’re all very well done. The National Zoological Park I’ve been to twice, and it’s quite charming, well integrated with its environment and generally looking hospitable and considerate towards the resident animals.


Washington DC Zoo (13).JPG

Washington DC Zoo (12).JPG


Though hotels in Washington DC are insanely expensive, and I mean absurdly unrealistically expensive, the day before giving up hope of finding something close to the whereabouts of an academic conference I was to attend close to Dupont Circle, I was somehow magically able to bid a 4+ stars hotel in the area for less than a 100US$. Persistence pays, and there are ways (tip – Hotwire). So, enjoying my prime location – within walking distance of my luxury Hilton on Connecticut Avenue, over the canal and through the lovely area of Woodley Park, I ventured into the zoo. Ah, the good life!



Lots to see over there, you could easily spend over than half a day there and still not see everything.


So, just to give you a taste, below are some of my tours of the zoo in the birds’ section.

Washington DC Zoo (45).JPG

Washington DC Zoo (1).JPG 

Washington DC Zoo (17).JPG

Washington DC Zoo (23).JPG

Washington DC Zoo (28).JPG

Washington DC Zoo (37).JPG

Washington DC Zoo (35).JPG

Washington DC Zoo (31).JPG

Washington DC Zoo (39).JPG

Washington DC Zoo (41).JPG


Lovely, isn’t it?


In case you’re in need of a map…

Washington DC Zoo (8).JPG


Felt quite jealous of the Washingtonians, I must say.

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