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My 2012 : Year Summary

My 2012 : Year SummarySo what did 2012 look like? to me this was a year focused around academia. After settling down into the PhD program and generally figuring out what my research directions are, my travels were mostly around the places where my academic journey has led me.


Since I’m always behind on my blogging – now more than ever – and the 2011 summary ended in November , I’ll start with wrap-ups of 2011 up to November 2012.


Wrapup of travel in 2011


Wrapups of December 2011 in HK


January 2012

In Shenzhen:

in Hong Kong :


February 2012

Was TAing in a course…

in Hong Kong :


March 2012

Not much travel on March. Too much going on at school, I guess.


April 2012

My father comes for a visit in HK and we venture off to China

In Hong Kong

Nanjing & Suzhou



May 2012

Taught an intense summer course at HKUST. Busy, very little time for anything else.

In Hong Kong:


June 2012

I went for the APS conference in Chicago

More to come on Chicago…


July 2012

In Hong Kong

In Shenzhen


August 2012

Spent a few weeks in Israel to visit my sister’s first born.

Then headed over to the US for a research exchange with a stop at Boston on the way

Still have A LOT coming up from that trip…


September 2012

Moving into a new country, settling down in Tallahassee and starting with Florida State University took longer than I expected.

Still, things worked out eventually, and even got to see a few things …


October 2012

Mostly in Tallahassee, with a trip to a conference to Gainesville and a bit further around eastern Florida.

Still have A LOT coming up from that trip…


November 2012

Puerto RicoVisions of Puerto Rico : Trip Preview

Still have A LOT coming up from that trip…


In Tallahassee:


December 2012

Visited New York City to see my dear sister and meetup with my parents flying in for a Christmas & Newsyears visit : Visions of New York City : Trip Preview

Still have A LOT coming up from that trip…



Also managed to squeeze in a a short visit to Taiwan

Still have A LOT coming up from that trip…


Overall 2012

Overall, this year I’ve been to China (Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou, Beijing, Shenzhen, Xiamen), Taiwan, Israel, United States (Chicago, Boston, Tallahassee, Gainesville, Orlando, Daytona Beach, Saint Augustine, Pensacola, NYC) and Puerto Rico. A relatively humble year compared to my 2011, 2010 and 2009, but it somehow still feels like I’m moving around all the time.


What else in 2012?


Other travel-unrelated thoughts :


Happy new year! Have a great 2013!

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  • Happy new year. 2012 was great, thanks for everything you did in HK and Florida. Its wonderful trip.

  • I can't believe you sometimes.. how energetic and passionate you are for doing all with academic, traveling, writing and community-building.. for all those years. Your blog has been a good friend to me, and now I feel the friendship is kinda old (in a good way, in case it isn't obvious) Still have a lot to come up eh? :) That sounds so awesome and lively. Have a great one, NYE and the year 2013.

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