Some of the cities in eastern Europe look so nice that it’s sometimes easy to forget that not till long ago they were experiencing very hard times and authoritarian regimes under Soviet Union (USSR) control. It is only when you go to some of the local history museums are you really faced with the horrible reality of how things used to be. Vilnius is lovely, far exceeded my (very low) expectations, and yet – there are some reminders of Soviet times, and one such reminder is the Museum of Genocide Victims or the KGB museum. You’ll go into the former KGB HQ and explore the various jail, torture, and murder rooms. There’s lots of information available, which I admit was too much for me to bear. I have a hard time being made to face the evils that mankind is capable of, even – or perhaps especially – when it is directed to a group I am affiliated with. This place doesn’t seem to hold back much, and so you can spend hours being horrified by the left-over crumbling facilities and the exhibits showcasing awful historical artifacts and information.


What does it look like? I’m not sure the photos can really capture the atmosphere…





I’d say it was important for me to visit, even if I didn’t (couldn’t) stay long. An important piece of local history.

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