One of my absolute all-time favorite movies is "Lost in Translation". There’s this one scene in which Bob can’t fall asleep and so he opens the TV and looks for something to watch, only to find a bunch the most bizarre TV shows.

After a few sleepless nights and pointless zip-zapping, I give you… Lost in Translation – Taiwanese TV :

Teen soap-opera?


This one is some cartoon of a baby in a grown up world that our Chinese teacher showed us in class to try and follow the Chinese. Funny?!

Chinese Opera?

Tons and tons of fooling around shows

Traditional style soap operas?

Tons and tons of crazy shows from Japan

I know a special someone who’s a big fan of this specific show.

The Gong Fu movies channels

This one with a nice twist on Taiwan.


This one about the Qixi festival I wrote about.

Kids shows

Taiwanese kids are the cutest kids in the world.

Buddhist lectures/preaching

KTV sing-along channels

Taiwanese Idol?

This one I actually watched.

And, in case you wondered…

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