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Lombard Street : San Francisco

San Francisco is quite unique in its layout, with steep hills and surrounded by water, which makes for some pretty insane roads going up and down but also with some spectacular views of the bay from the top of those hills.

A famous street to catch some of that is Lombard Street. It has a straight street going up the hill and at the top there’s a winding road where people like to drive and look down to take in the views.

I did not have a car, and I did the incline by foot, though most sane tourists simply take the old tram. I just wasn’t willing to wait the hour+ in line and I wanted to explore the area by foot.

What does it look like?



Lombard street San Francisco California-007


and looking the other way down at the bay…


Lombard street San Francisco California-023 

Lombard street San Francisco California-013 

Lombard street San Francisco California


And from the top to the left (north)…


Lombard street San Francisco California-036


Not exactly what I would call ‘scenic’, there are far better places in San Francisco with much better views, but you gotta be there to ‘feel’ the decline and…  it’s a tourist attraction.


If walking, cars or trams aren’t your thing there are a few other options, like Segways and these little things…


Lombard street San Francisco California-020



I’ve done Lombard Street, yay for me. Now on to more serious attractions… 😛

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