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La Paz Waterfall Gardens Nature Park : Costa Rica

La Paz Waterfall Gardens Nature Park was a bit of a surprise. It was my first “eco” attraction in Costa Rica and after having heard of how well Costa Rica does eco preservation I admit to expecting a very authentic dirty jungle experience with tarzan guides taking us on an adventure. La Paz is not quite like that. It’s what I would consider a nature Disneyland, taking a very nice natural park, and making it commercial and tourist friendly to -everyone-. To me, it was a disappointment. For the mass tourist groups, some elderly, this was heaven. I did, however, quickly adjust to it, and spend lovely two-three hours exploring the nature theme park and trying to make the most of it. I later discovered other parts of Costa Rica with more authentic experiences, but Costa Rica tourism is so commercialized that these are becoming hard to find, with ziplines and other horrors. To get real, you might have to go to the poorer nearby neighbors.

With all that said, it was quite pleasant, and I ended up enjoying it. It’s all a matter of expectations, I guess.


To give you a feel of the park, here’s my photo summary of the La Paz experience…






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  • It's sooo lovely! Thank you for your recommendation. It looks extraordinary and truly natural, exactly what I am interested in and looking for when traveling to another country. I will definitely visit La Paz Waterfall Garden Natural Park when I go to Costa Rica next time! Thank you!

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