While visiting Israel this year I was fortunate to get a tour of northern Israel by a friend born and raised in the area. One of the places we visited on that wonderful day was Kibbutz Dafna, which is one of many Kibbutz communal villages in northern Galilee and is a good example of the beauty and charm of those places. Those kibbutz villages started out with a very idealistic communist or socialist agenda, but nowadays they’re all doing business one way or another, and Dafna is most famous for its footwear – now part of the Teva Neot global brand. With the growing disappointment of urban life, there is a growing trend for young families in Israel to try and join these villages and so waiting lists are long and examining committees very strict.


Anyhow, the especially charming thing about this particular place is that the Dan river flows through it, and so if you feel like chilling out, you take a 2 minutes walk to the near park or plantation and take a dive into crystal clear waters.


Here’s a bit of the beauty of the place…


Kibbutz Dafna - Northern Israel

Kibbutz Dafna - Northern Israel-001

Kibbutz Dafna - Northern Israel-002

Kibbutz Dafna - Northern Israel-003

Kibbutz Dafna - Northern Israel-005

Kibbutz Dafna - Northern Israel-007

Kibbutz Dafna - Northern Israel-008

Kibbutz Dafna - Northern Israel-009

Kibbutz Dafna - Northern Israel-011

Kibbutz Dafna - Northern Israel-012

Kibbutz Dafna - Northern Israel-013

Kibbutz Dafna - Northern Israel-014

Kibbutz Dafna - Northern Israel-015


If you’re not from Israel and looking for a summer adventure, then there are many volunteering opportunities for interntaionals. Look for those on the way (example).

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