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Jiufen’s Tea Houses

Aside from magical alleys, gorgeous views and curious shops, Jiu Fen is also well known for the lovely Japanese Tea houses it hosts. The one I visited while I went to Jiu Fen was the Jiufen Teahouse (九份茶坊) at 142 Jishan Street, a really nicely decorated place with a special ambience.


Jiufen Chiufen - Taipei County-31.JPG



If you feel like getting the background of the place, here’s some of what they hand out to visiting foreigners :

Jiufen Chiufen - Taipei County-39.JPG


Wikitravel adds:

Jiufen Teahouse was once the meeting place for many great Taiwanese writers and artists when it first opened. When you enter from the narrow crowded street, you come into a spacious and calm interior. On the right are steaming iron kettles nestled in a long fiery bank of coals. Bundles of tea and high quality ceramics and tea implements fill the first level. The host will lead you to a quiet table on the lower levels, or you can sit outside on the back terace in good weather. You can choose your favorite tea and tea snacks from the menu and sit there for as long as you like. Take a break and wander around to look the paintings and other wonderful artwork by local artists. There is also a gallery on the lower level with more beautiful ceramics.



That whole place is truly lovely. Here, take a look…

Jiufen Chiufen - Taipei County-28.JPG

Jiufen Chiufen - Taipei County-29.JPG

Jiufen Chiufen - Taipei County-32.JPG

Jiufen Chiufen - Taipei County-33.JPG

Jiufen Chiufen - Taipei County-40.JPG

Jiufen Chiufen - Taipei County-41.JPG

Jiufen Chiufen - Taipei County-42.JPG

Jiufen Chiufen - Taipei County-44.JPG

Jiufen Chiufen - Taipei County-43.JPG


A beautiful place for a long sip of tea.


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