Early early in the morning, we met our new driver in Pushkar and set out to reach Jodphur. Our driver was well prepared for the fact that his car had no heating, but we weren’t. Till the sun went up, we were freezing our ass off, the only thing warming us a bit was the stops we had on the way for some boiling hot Chai milk-tea. At that point even my dad was willing to forgo his well-justified Indian water fright. But it was well worth it, since we got to our destination early and had alot of time to enjoy the pleasures of beautiful picturesque Jodhpur, giving Jaipur a strong competition for my “most-beautiful” title for cities in India.

We began our Jodhpur adventures in the stunning Meherangarh castle, a work of art when it comes to fortifications on mountains, it is impossible to overtake such a fort. It was the first top-rate tourist oriented attraction we had in India, with excellent audio tour and visible English signs with explanations everywhere. Yeah, you’d expect this in the Taj, wouldn’t you?

Meherangarh Jodhpur.JPG Meherangarh Jodhpur-4.JPG Meherangarh Jodhpur-14.JPG Meherangarh Jodhpur-38.JPG Meherangarh Jodhpur-20.JPG Meherangarh Jodhpur-24.JPG Meherangarh Jodhpur-37.JPG Meherangarh Jodhpur-6.JPG Meherangarh Jodhpur-16.JPG Meherangarh Jodhpur-10.JPG Meherangarh Jodhpur-13.JPG Meherangarh Jodhpur-21.JPG Meherangarh Jodhpur-35.JPG

It’s not only the castle, but it’s that it’s in Jodhpur, the blue city, so the view down on the city was breathtaking.

Meherangarh Jodhpur-7.JPG Meherangarh Jodhpur-8.JPG Meherangarh Jodhpur-25.JPG Meherangarh Jodhpur-29.JPG Meherangarh Jodhpur-31.JPG Meherangarh Jodhpur-33.JPG

We then continued to the nearby Jaswant Thada were we also saw a body burning funeral.

Jaswant Thada-1.JPG Jaswant Thada-2.JPG Jaswant Thada-4.JPG

Jaswant Thada-12.JPG Jaswant Thada-9.JPG Jaswant Thada-11.JPG

We settled down in our hotel and got a short rest, kings style 😛

Jodhpur-4.JPG Jodhpur-6.JPG Jodhpur-8.JPG

Later on, we got our driver to take us to the local unknown gardens, that were surprisingly terrific with hordes of moneys and some ancient relics.

Jodhpur gardens.JPG Jodhpur gardens-2.JPG Jodhpur gardens-3.JPG Jodhpur gardens-5.JPG Jodhpur gardens-4.JPG

Jodhpur gardens-10.JPG Jodhpur gardens-12.JPG Jodhpur gardens-13.JPG Jodhpur gardens-11.JPG Jodhpur gardens-18.JPG Jodhpur gardens-15.JPG

The evening we spent on the hotel’s balcony, overlooking for fortress and the blue city, chitchatting and eating local dishes. This is one photogenic city at sunset.

Jodhpur-9.JPG Jodhpur-10.JPG Jodhpur-16.JPG Jodhpur-17.JPG Jodhpur.JPG Jodhpur-3.JPG

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