In 2014 I left Hong Kong after living there for a few years. Although Hong Kong and the region are generally in very fast development, the changes are not always noticeable to tourists – the last time I visited there were new MTR lines popping up (e.g., there are now one taking you to Ocean Park, HKU, and Wampoa), things get tidier, shopping malls are no longer overrun by mainland Chinese (why did they all go?). But perhaps the biggest change since 2014 for tourists visiting Hong Kong is the addition of a landmark ferris wheel next to the Victoria Harbour. I remember the discussions about this wheel, not everyone was happy with this, and some worried how it would affect the landscape. But just like with the London Eye, I think that by now this ferris wheel has well integrated into the insane Hong Kong skyline. It’s meant as a tourist attraction, and so priced accordingly, as of 2017 a 100HKD will get you three spins, just enough to make sure you get all the photos you need of the harbour and HK island. There are other ways more affordable ways to see the harbour from above (e.g.,Bank of China Tower Observation Deck, ICC Sky100), but none of them spin around.



Shall we go up?



There’s also a new nearby park, Hong Kong definitely needed a bit more space and green…



And it looks especially attractive at night…





You’ll probably run into this if you’re visiting Hong Kong. You can combine this with taking the star ferry to the Kowloon side to see the lightshow from the Avenue of Stars at 8pm (all nights of the week).

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