HK Problems (Twitter) + Complaints Choir of Hong Kong#HKProblems trend started by @HKProblems is freaking fantastic. Every time I read one of those tweets I can’t help but smile and hope someone’s documenting those pearls of wisdom.


Searching back in the last week, here are some of the wonderful Hong Kong problems we all love to complain about :

  • The feeling of rage and hate of the 1 person not standing on right on the escalator, when you miss the MTR train by just 3 sec..#HKproblems
  • Shamelessly jaywalking. Always. #atleastidontwalkasslowasthattaitai#hkproblems
  • Whenever I walk by that store called ‘Wanko’, I can’t stop giggling. #hahawanko #choicey #hkproblems
  • The feng shui in my room is off. I can feel it.#hkproblems
  • Just let me get off the MTR first before you budge in, bitch. #ugh #hkproblems
  • Ever heard of deodorant? Yeah. Use it. Stop sweating up a stink storm. Seriously. #cantbreatheonthemtr #hkproblems
  • My non-HK friends never believe me when I tell them I live on the (insert two digit number here) floor. #skyscrapers #hkproblems
  • I ordered a Caesar Salad and the waitress asked me what dressing I wanted on it. #ithappened #hkproblems
  • That awkward walk of shame when you run towards an MTR door JUST as it closes. #andeveryonegetstopointandlaugh#hkproblems
  • Watch it with the umbrellas. I don’t want to lose an eye.#iknowitssunny #getoverit #hkproblems
  • For the last time, Hong Kong is in China but not China. Go Wikipedia that shit #communism #hkproblems
  • How to deal with telemarketing calls in Hong Kong: "Sorry. I don’t speak Chinese. Bye."#hkproblems
  • I cant decide between temple street Market and ladies Market #hkproblems
  • can’t decide between chow sang sang and chow tai fuk#hkproblems
  • What to do when you’re too hot? Just stand at the entrance of some random shop and let the aircon blast you dry. It’s okay.#hkproblems
  • The next time some idiot ruins the ‘walk left, stand right’ rule on an MTR escalator during Rush Hour, I’m going to flip a shit.#hkproblems
  • Did I just memorize what side the MTR doors open for each stop? Yes. #bornthisway #shameless #hkproblems
  • After doing some H&M shopping, I noticed that every single outfit I bought just walked past me. #hkistoosmall #cookiecutters#hkproblems
  • I swear to god, if you keep walking half as slow as everyone else, I’m going to throw my milk tea at you. #nopatience #runbitch#hkproblems
  • Shut up. I’m ALLOWED to put Soy Sauce in everything. I’m in Hong Kong! #hkproblems
  • We have to pay for our own 3D glasses in every single cinema in Hong Kong? Oh HELL NO. #hkproblems#seriouslythough
  • That uncomfortable feeling when you sit on an MTR seat that’s super warm… #whydididothis #fuck #hkproblems
  • Whoops. Went grocery shopping and forgot to bring my own bag. There goes 50cents a bag… #damnit #ivelearntmylesson#hkproblems
  • Sometimes I like counting how many doots it takes before the MTR doors close. Is it 17? #hkproblems
  • So by Nathan Road do you mean in Mong Kok or Tsim Sha Tsui? #confused #hkproblems
  • Crossing the road even though the pedestrian lights are blinking and hoping you don’t get run over by a bus. #hkproblems
  • I was at Mcdonalds today (don’t ask) and the cashier’s name was Durex. #hkproblems
  • People in Hong Kong stare at each other way too much. #itsrudetostare #pleasestop#hkproblems
  • Sasa or Bonjour. Choices. #hkproblems

My humble recent contribution:

  • It’s Sunday and the HKUST business school PhD research rooms are almost 100% full with hard-working students #cultureshock #hkproblems


Would love to know who is behind @HKProblems.


But HK Problems isn’t alone. This actually follows a much longer world tradition of complaints through singing which made its way to Hong Kong with the Complaint Choir of Hong Kong. Here’s one of their wonderful complaints songs about Hong Kong:


Here’s the local news station on the local HK choir:


Want more Hong Kong complaints videos? Here’s another version in a different location :


Hilarious. Someone should make one for Taiwan 🙂

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Cool articles and summary 🙂

To my surprises, most of the HK problems are related to MTR. I wonder why didn’t people say HK guys carrying their girlfriend’s purse.

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