One of the nicest things about Tel Aviv are the city beaches. When I was a kid my family, sometimes with my dad’s extended family, would go to Tel Aviv to visit my grandmother on Fridays and spend long hours on the beach, just hanging out and cooling down in the water. Every time I go back to Israel and go to Tel Aviv to visit some of my friends who live close to the beach, I try to go back there. Some of those beaches, especially Frishman beach, bring back a lot of good memories and despite a growing population and exceedingly disruptive hotel development, things still look gorgeous.


You get… white sand, relatively calm waters with waves broken by artificial barriers, and quite a relaxing view.

Tel Aviv beach (20).JPG


So, yeah, this is what it looks like what you chill out at the Frishman beach.

Tel Aviv tour 006.jpg


It’s quite special the way the Tel Aviv coastline was built with a really wide boardwalk bordering the beaches and keeping the hotels and building at a relative distance. To get a feel of the boardwalk, here is a video clip of a popular Israeli singer Efrat Gosh singing the very poetic “Ah ah ah” while riding all along the Tel Aviv boardwalk, passing by the Frishman beach.



This is my attempt at capturing a 180 degree view of a relatively calm Friday morning on the Frishman beach.

Tel Aviv beach (18).JPG

Tel Aviv beach (16).JPG



Lots of local activities taking place…



Tel Aviv beach (38).JPG



Tel Aviv beach (23).JPG



Tel Aviv beach (10).JPG

Tel Aviv beach (35).JPG


Playing “Matka”

The horrible semi-violent local version of Badminton/Pingpong…

Tel Aviv beach (39).JPG


Chilling out

Tel Aviv beach (11).JPG


Or just strolling around aimlessly…

Tel Aviv beach (24).JPG

Tel Aviv beach (28).JPG

Tel Aviv beach (21).JPG

Tel Aviv beach (29).JPG



If you want to locate Frishman beach, your best bet is to look for this hard-to-ignore building.

Tel Aviv beach (13).JPG

and Frishman beach would be right across the boardwalk from there…

Tel Aviv beach (12).JPG


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