I really like funky off-the-beaten track museums about something unexpected. The Foof dog museum in the middle of nowhere Italy is a great example of such a ‘museum’. We were looking for something interesting to break up the three hour trip from Naples to Rome, and we somehow found our way to discover a unique specialty museum in the middle of nowhere. Foof is a, hmmm, dog museum. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense that someone would make a museum about this, since dogs are such an important part of people’s lives, and yet most people know very little about the history and cultural background of dogs. We’ve had a dog in the family, some of us are dog enthusiasts and so we had to go have a look.

And I think we were glad we stopped by. Not only is there a small museum in there worth visiting, they also have a sanctuary that is both a delight and a heart-breaker for dog lovers. Makes you want to adopt all of them. At times we weren’t really sure if this is place is perhaps capitalizing on dogs, but my personal intuition was that this place is devoted to the care and well-being of dogs and is generally trying to help dogs and bring together dog lovers and dogs in need. I hope I’m right.


What’s to see?


Dog themed park for kids to play around and learn about dogs…


Foof museum Naples Italy-021


Actual dogs, waiting to be adopted…


Foof museum Naples Italy-019

Foof museum Naples Italy-018


A small museum dedicated to the famous dogs, some of the history of dogs, and the cultural context…


Foof museum Naples Italy-015

Foof museum Naples Italy-013

Foof museum Naples Italy-012

Foof museum Naples Italy-011

Foof museum Naples Italy-009

Foof museum Naples Italy-008

Foof museum Naples Italy-007

Foof museum Naples Italy-006

Foof museum Naples Italy-003

Foof museum Naples Italy-002


And a sanctuary. It was a gloomy cold and rainy day, so some of the dogs seemed a bit miserable…


Foof museum Naples Italy-024


But then you had signs like these to reassure you…


Foof museum Naples Italy-022


So I think/hope they might be better off than wondering the streets alone on their own.




An interesting place to stop by on the way between Naples and Rome. If you’re into dogs, most chances are you’ll find this an especially worth-while visit.

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