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The Eiffel Tower : Paris France

Probably one of the most identifiable landmarks in the world, this awkward phallic beautiful monstrosity makes the top of the MUST TODO list for most tourists coming to visit Paris. Don’t let the long lines and tourist crowds keep you away, there’s a reason why so many people love this tower and the massive crowds are rarely wrong. From the top of the Eiffel Tower you’ll get the best views of one of the world’s finest cities. To their credit, the Parisians have somehow managed to lump most of the skyscrapers into one area and quite far away (with a few notable and horrific exemptions), and so from the Eiffel Tower you’ll have a clear panoramic view of Paris in all directions, and that’s worth suffering through everything. If you’re willing to climb up and down the stairs, then the lines aren’t even that long, I waited for less than half an hour, and the climb up was a breeze.


Although the world probably has enough camera shots of the tower, I can’t help but add my own …


Eiffel Tower Paris (6) 

Eiffel Tower Paris (1) 

Eiffel Tower Paris (2) 

Eiffel Tower Paris (29)


Yes, it is very photogenic. Anyway you shoot this thing, it’ll come out looking like a tourist trap postcard.


So, after waiting for a while ….


Eiffel Tower Paris (21)


It’s time to go up…


Eiffel Tower Paris (23)


And take in all that French beauty…


Eiffel Tower Paris (11) 

Eiffel Tower Paris (16) 

Eiffel Tower Paris (22)


Anywhere you walk from the Eiffel tower in almost every direction are very pleasant parks and rivers…


Eiffel Tower Paris (7)

 Eiffel Tower Paris (28)




Try to stay away during public holidays and weekends and to time this for evening so you can see the city during day, sunset and night. Even if you’re not fond of tourist clichés and huge tourist crowds, this is so inherent in the Paris experience that you’ll definitely not want to miss this.

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