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East Tainan Sunset Skies

The weather this weekend was absolutely gorgeous with such clear air that you can see all the way through to the central mountains on the east and the ocean to the south-west. I went up to one of the roofs in East Tainan to take a few photos. Although East-Tainan isn’t nice to look at, those skies made this one very worth while.

Tainan sky sunset-3.JPG

Tainan sky sunset-4.JPG

Tainan sky sunset-5.JPG

Tainan sky sunset-28.JPG

Tainan sky sunset-27.JPG

Tainan sky sunset-33.JPG


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  • Phoebe - Great. I've actually been to most of those, like this next one -

    Thanks for suggesting those :)

  • I think you missed some beautiful places in Tainan. Actually, there are some historical site such as "Chikan Tower"(赤崁樓), it is worth visiting.

    And there is a "Tainan National University of Arts", if you are interested in Arts, you should go there! :)
    here is the url:

    There are many delicious Taiwanese Food in Tainan as well.

    By the way, if you love the sunset and beach, you should visit "Golden Shore"(黃金海和) in Tainan!

    I promise you won't get bored!

  • What natural photos these are! I cannot describe it in words. Well you got favorable weather, air and evening sunset rays which added much beauty to the photos. Keep taking gorgeous photos.

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