16 Apr, 2015 in Germany, Visions
Visions of Cologne Germany (4)

In my recent academic tour of Europe I made my first ever visit to Germany. Although Cologne is not considered a very big tourist attraction compared to some of the other German wonders, I wanted to visit the local university and so I got to spend a couple of days in this charming city. The […]

9 Mar, 2015 in Los Angeles, Visions
Visions of Los Angeles California (10)

A conference at Long Beach provided the much needed escape from the mid-western ice cold winter, and a chance to revisit the wonderful city of Los Angeles. Some people dislike L.A. for all sorts of reasons, but I’m sure that any person spending months over in the middle of nowhere freezing northern little town would […]

3 Jan, 2015 in Phoenix, Visions
Visions of Phoenix Arizona USA (10)

Looking to warm up in south-western US, I made a stop to visit Phoenix Arizona and experience some of the infamous desert scenery. Although I only made a stop for a couple of days, and those were around Christmas time where almost everything is closed down, I was able to see a few interesting things […]

2 Jan, 2015 in San Diego, Visions
Visions of San Diego California (19)

To warm up from the freezing cold up in Illinois, I was looking for a warm Christmas destination to warm up. Finally, I was able to find an affordable holiday ticket to sunny San Diego with a stop-over in Phoenix Arizona. San Diego is perhaps one of the most charming American cities I’ve visited, with […]

20 Dec, 2014 in France, Visions
Visions of France (45)

After a long absence from Europe, I got to spend a couple of wonderful weeks in Paris and roaming around France. To my delight, I was joined by some of my charming family to head out from the Paris airport east to explore the wonders of Champagne province. From there, we roamed around circling Paris […]

19 Dec, 2014 in Paris, Visions
Visions of Paris France (29)

After many years of being away, this year I was finally able to spend more time in Europe. Earlier I visited the Netherlands, which increased my appetite, and so after wrapping up my life in Hong Kong I decided to stop in Paris for a couple of weeks before moving on west to my new […]

7 Dec, 2014 in Mexico City, Visions

I wasn’t planning anything special for Thanksgiving, but two weeks of -10c average daytime temperatures in Champaign ignited the need to escape to warmer climates and so – way past last minute – I begun looking for cheap tickets and ended up booking a trip to Mexico City. To be completely frank, I had no […]

20 Oct, 2014 in Nara, Visions
Ancient capital Nara Japan (2)

This post concludes my visit to the lovely city of Nara – the ancient capital city of Japan, an hour south from Kyoto and east to Osaka. Temples, shrines, huge seated Buddhas, museums, Japanese gardens, and most importantly – deer, you will not be disappointed.   My posts on Nara: …

6 Oct, 2014 in Jerusalem, Visions

Although I’ve lived in Jerusalem for most of my young life, Jerusalem remains a treasure of hidden gems and spectacular beauty. Every time I visit back I get to see and capture more of its beauty, appreciate things that I’ve taken for granted before. Though my photography skills are still quite basic and I mostly […]

31 Jul, 2014 in Netherlands, Visions
Keukenhof Netherlands (1)

During April of last year I had a few days to visit the Netherlands and after many years of being away from Europe it was just what I needed to remind me of the beauty of this region of the world. The Netherlands are nothing short of spectacular, everywhere you point your camera you get […]

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